Donald, by an executive order has enforced a travel ban for 120 days on the entry of Muslims from 7 countries. There is a temporary stay order by the court but in the end, Donald may have his way. After all in 1882, Congress passed the Chinese Exclusion Act that debarred Chinese from coming to the USA. This law remained in effect for over 60 years until it was repealed in 1943. The ban on Muslims is, however, criticized in most western countries, but the people who matter - the Muslims and in India and China there is not much voicing of opinion against the step by Donald.

Muslim reaction

We have the case of a Muslim nation like Kuwait following in the footsteps of Donald and imposing its own ban on entry of Muslim from 5 countries. It includes one country omitted so far by the USA and that is Pakistan. the FM of the state of Abu Dhabi, a strong ally of the USA has gone on record to say that the USA is within its right to impose such a ban. The counties most vociferous are the so-called liberal nations like France and Germany. China and Russia are silent. They don't allow any Muslim immigration anyway. There is hardly a condemnation by the Press in any of the muslim countries.

Ban and US press

The condemnation of Donald's action is more in the US media than anywhere else.

There is a very little voicing of a condemnation of Donald's action from most of the Muslim countries except Iran which has denounced the American action.This does not mean the ban is right, but when seen in perspective Islamic radical thoughts are disturbing to the ruling elite in the Muslim world. Secretly they may be acquiescing with Donald's ban as a lifeline for them.

Effect in USA

Trump singled out those nations for the ban, where he had no business interests and also those countries which cannot retaliate. Thus the 7 countries; Libya, Syria, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, and Somalia are impoverished nations who are involved in a civil power and have no capability to harm the USA ( except Iran).

Donald also does not have any business interests there as well. It's a clever step that shows to the electorate that he has kept his election promise. The only people who need to worry are the Muslims in the USA who may face hostility and discrimination as a fear hysteria is built up.