Whats going on?

Many have forgotten the attempt to break California in two. A proposed state of Jefferson would spilt California from the mid valleys. Southern California would just be California, and Northern California would be the State of Jefferson. But as this small movement ended two years ago, many still want to break away. With Donald Trump as president, his executive orders banning some Muslims have many people itching to break away.

What would happen?

Many people feel that the current US president is breaking the constitution. From threatening to cut funding to sanctuary cities -- cities the assist immigrants -- to banning some Muslim refugees.

A movement that started last year called CalExit to start the process gained some media attention, but then dwindled away. The golden state is one of two states in the United States that has its own space program.

What would change, according to yescalifornia.org?

1. Peace and security

Having their own security system and police force.

2. Debt and taxes

Taxes collected would go to the state, ultimately, and would not go to the federal budget. All debt would be handled by the nation's government.

3. Immigration

The state government would apply its own immigration laws -- from allowing immigrants to preventing them.

4. Health and medicine

The Affordable Care act provided many great things. The new nation would have a system that provides a universal medical coverage for all in the country.

5. Education

California has the best schools, and they will stay. From the UC's to CSU, education will still be placed on a high scale.

6. Trade

Trade would maintain with the state's values, with no increased tax on imports and exports, as well as keeping up with trade deals and agreements.


The Golden State needs 600,000 petition signatures to get on the 2019 ballot.

These signatures from the their website would be put together for a place on the ballot. Even if the proposal ends up as a measure on the state ballot, California state voters will have the final say.