Rep. Paul Ryan was on the radio show, "Morning In America" to talk about his recent comments about the cause of Poverty in America. In Ryan's "War On Poverty" report, he claimed that anti-poverty programs developed under President Johnson are the reasons for the rise in poverty in our country.

Ryan used code words to explain poverty in America

According to Counter Current News, Paul used code words to claim that black men do not want to work and are satisfied with being poor. He said that our country's anti-poverty programs such as welfare and food stamps created a culture of "laziness." He believes that black men believe that being poor is acceptable and do not try to better themselves.

Ryan said that the country needs more white people from the suburbs to spend more time guiding the inner city youth to teach them that they can achieve more. He believes that the reason so many black men are okay with poverty is the lack of intervention from the wealthy white population.

Obviously, Paul Ryan doesn't understand the real problem in America if he thinks that the inner city citizens would appreciate an upper-middle-class white man (or woman) coming into their neighborhood trying to "educate" them about why they cannot afford to pay rent or feed their families.

Ryan believes black men need to model themselves after the white man's work ethic

Paul explained that he is concerned about the future of our country if the black men continue not to value developing a work ethic. He encourages his peers (white men) to get involved and mentor the black men to teach them how to be productive members of society.

His way of thinking is flawed. He puts all the blame on the black men for not working enough to support their families. Evidence proves the opposite to be true.

Most black inner city men work at least one full-time job, many of them work up to three jobs to support their families.

The problem is they don't make a liveable wage

The Republican leaders shot down the need to increase the minimum wage to $15 like Sen. Bernie Sanders recommended. They stated that it would hurt the economy. However, if the inner city black men would make at least $15 an hour, they wouldn't need government assistance.

For Democrats, the problem seems obvious. However, Paul Ryan still thinks if we raise the minimum wage, it will harm the US economy.

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