Sen. Jeff Brandes has a different opinion in mind when it comes to legalized cannabis. The Senator proposed a new regulation bill on Wendesday that would allow businesses to be licensed growers, distributors, and processors who will make cannabis pills and oils to distribute to patients. Sen. Brandes' proposal has some stiff competition, with Sen. Rob Bradley's proposal which would keep the medical Marijuana system already in place but then offer expansions as the number of cannabis patients grow.

Down with the system

While there is a system currently in Florida, it doesn't seem to be going well.

Many doctors who have signed up for licenses to prescribe cannabis to patients are having to consult their legal counselors before offering the alternative medication. The type of patients who are eligible for the cannabis program are those undergoing cancer treatments, or those that have been diagnosed with cancer, have HIV/AIDS, or other medical conditions that are considered debilitating.

Sen. Brandes' proposal challenges the system in place, as it would remove the system altogether and allow the businesses that have signed up with the Health Department to grow, distribute, and dispense cannabis without having to be part of a medical marijuana system. It would allow more people into the medical marijuana business and would do away with the regulation that allows only 7 companies to grow and distribute the product.

"The overwhelming support of Amendment 2 was a strong mandate that Floridians demand fundamental change to the way we regulate medical marijuana," said Sen. Brandes to Tampa Bay Times. The bill proposed by Sen. Bradley would cause problems of accessibility for patients and those wanting to be part of the medical marijuana system.

It would also be high in price and would be hard for patients to even buy the cannabis prescribed by their doctors.

Diversity now

Sen. Brandes' bill would allow more people into the market, it would make cannabis prescriptions cost-effective for people, and would also involve a lot of innovation in terms of how people could get it to their home or through grocery stores like other prescriptions. The bill has not been proposed on the House floor yet, but hopefully it will gain some traction once it is.