When volunteers from the Furever Bully Love Rescue in Orlando, Florida spotted a particular terrified and traumatized dog, they felt the need to help the animal. The dog, known as Harper, seemed to have been living in a large field known as "The Redlands" for about four to five months. As the volunteers approached her, Harper just fell to the ground. Ms Olivieri, the president of the organization, noted that she had several scars on her body and head, signs of past abuse and neglect. It was apparent; the dog needed help.

The animal activists' goals to help the dogs at the Redlands

The Redlands is notorious for its stray dog population. The area is typically a dumping ground for unwanted dogs, and according to Jessie Pena, Vice President of the Rock Pit group, there are thousands of homeless dogs out there. In an effort to help the homeless dogs at the Redlands, the Furever Bully Love Rescue and the Redland Rock Pit have teamed up. Both animal activists’ organizations work closely together to raise funds to help the many hungry and homeless dogs at the property, and while they are unable to help every single dog, the project feeds approximately 100 dogs and goes through about 350 pounds of food daily. It is an incredible and heartwarming effort to help as many dogs as possible.

Pena told reporters that the Redlands is off of a remote dirt road and as they pull up, dogs start to appear. That is where Harper, the one-year-old hound mix was spotted and rescued among the strays.

Terrified Harper gets a second chance at a happy life

It was easy to slip a lead around Harper’s neck, but volunteers had to carry her to the truck.

Harper refused to stand for at least three days after her rescue, but as she was carried, she clung to her rescuers as if to hug whoever picked her up. Olivieri believes it could be a comfort or security thing since she was apparently abused. The dog was taken to a vet for an exam where it was found that she suffered from worms, anemia and tooth infections.

However, it appeared that her fears are harder to heal than her other treatable medical issues.

Harper went to the foster home of Cheryl Kessler, and after only a few weeks, the change in her has been astounding! She is on the mend, both physically and mentally and is reportedly running around the yard and enjoying life as a dog. She is happy to come out of her crate, and Ms. Kessler states that her personality is now coming through now that she knows she is getting food and lots of love on a daily basis.

What a happy ending for this sweet and lovable dog. Harper will be up for adoption in about four to five months at the Furever Bully Love Rescue in Florida - keep an eye out!