Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway returned to an on-camera role for the Donald Trump administration this week after being pulled off TV interviews by the White House. Over the last month, Conway has been caught pushing several falsehoods, would could land her in legal trouble.

Conway trouble

Last summer, Kellyanne Conway was brought on board to replace Paul Manafort as campaign manager for Donald Trump. In the months that followed, Conway would become a mainstay on cable news and Sunday talk shows, routinely getting into heated exchanges with hosts and guests, while defending Trump at all costs.

Since the election, Conway has transitioned into the role of presidential counsel, while also becoming one of the leading voices of the administration. In recent weeks, however, Conway has come under fire, most notably when she coined the phrase "alternative facts" and her promotion of the nonexistent "bowling green massacre" to justify the controversial "Muslim ban" executive order. As reported by LawNewz on February 23, Conway is facing legal issues.

According to the report in LawNewz, 15 different ethics professors came together to file a legal complaint against Kellyanne Conway due to her repeated falsehoods, including the misinformation regarding the aforementioned "Bowling Green Massacre." Due to Conway being an attorney herself, the complaint argues that she has "violated the Rules of Professional Conduct."

Breaking down the complaint in question, LawNewz states that an attorney who holds a public position has "a higher obligation to avoid conduct involving dishonest, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation than other lawyers." Not stopping there, the complaint cites the "Bowling Green Massacre," and other alleged falsehoods pushed by Kellyanne Conway while discussing the issues on various cable news outlets.

In addition, the legal complaint accused Conway of possible "dishonesty, fraud, and deceit" as well as "misrepresentation."

Backlash continues

With Kellyanne Conway facing a legal challenge, it's one in a long list that have been filed against the Trump team over the last year. During the campaign, Donald Trump was hit with several lawsuits, most of which were settled or dropped, including the Trump University fraud cause. As of press time, neither Conway nor the White House has issued a statement on the potential lawsuit, and it's unknown if they will address the issue at some point in the future.