After President Donald Trump reversed an Obama-era regulation that required public schools to allowed transgender students the right to use the bathroom they choose, backlash quickly followed. Not long after making a controversial comment on social media regarding the issue, one CNN host engaged in a lengthy battle with those who support the commander in chief.

Twitter clash

In recent years, transgender rights have been at the forefront of the movement for equality. As society moves further to the left on many social issues, opposition has only increased from those on the political right.

When Donald Trump rolled back transgender protections in public schools, liberals were enraged, while conservatives rejoiced. On social media, CNN host Chris Cuomo was asked what a 12-year-old girl should do if she didn't "want to see a penis in the locker room." In response, Cuomo said that the girl would need to practice "tolerance" and not be influenced by her "overprotective and intolerant dad." As seen on Twitter on February 23, the war of words was only getting started.

"It's overprotective and intolerant to keep your 12yr old daughter from seeing a grown man's penis?

Disgusting perspective," one Twitter user fired back at Chris Cuomo. In response, the CNN host fired back, "How in your warped mind is that the choice? Why must the answer be something terrible? So many other options." "Have you gone insane?" another social media user asked. In response, Cuomo answered, "Again, this is a warped mentality.

We teach tolerance. Period. Why is this ugly scenario a given?"

"If my daughter walks in a bathroom and sees a woman's bathroom and sees a dick, someone is getting knocked out.

your a pedo," a Twitter comment read. In yet another response, Chris Cuomo answered, replying, "Someone put an idea in your heads. We have no facts to back this fear of a rash of predators benefiting from any such accommodation."

Another message on Twitter was from a religious supporter of Donald Trump who didn't hold back their feelings for Chris Cuomo.

"Hey Chris (based on your comments) just because you're a godless piece of vermin, don't push that message from Hell on us!" the comment stated, while using the hashtag, "#MAGA." Responding, Cuomo noted, "No wonder. You read this stuff. Garbage in…Garbage out."

Moving forward

As the night day moved on, the battle between between Chris Cuomo and supporters of Donald Trump continued over the issue of transgender rights. While it's unknown what the next step will be, it's clear that the divide on the issue is not going to improve anytime soon.