Over the last week, President Donald Trump has come under fire for his comments about an alleged terrorist attack in Sweden which never actually took place. On a Fox News segment earlier this week, a guest was invited on to support Trump's recent comments, but it appears there was more to the story than meets the eye.

Mystery guest

After Donald Trump addressed close to 9,000 supporters at a rally last weekend in Melbourne, Florida, he referenced the aforementioned attack in Sweden. Once his claim was quickly debunked by fact-checkers and the news media, the former host of "The Apprentice" attempted to clarify his remarks by citing a recent story on Fox News.

The story in question ran on a broadcast of "Tucker Carlson Tonight" which documented the rise of crime in the country due to the influx of refugees and migration from the Middle East. The issue was highlighted once again during last Thursday's edition of "The O'Reilly Factor," when a man named Nils Bildt was invited on to address the issues. As reported by Mediaite on February 25, questions are now being raised about who Bildt really is.

Nils Bildt was brought on to "The O'Reilly Factor" to discuss the growing instability in Sweden.

Described by the network as the "Swedish Defense and National Security Advisor," Bildt appeared to support some of the claims made by Trump and the earlier reports on the network. During his appearance, Bildt said that politician in Sweden had "no systemic plan for integrating mass amounts of immigrants to become productive members of society."

(Bildt's comments start at 3:00 in the above video.)

Fox News caught

Following the show, social media reacted, and questioned who Nils Bildt really was, with many pointing out that he doesn't hold the title in question.

Mediaite did further reporting and was able to get confirmation from Bildt that he was not in fact the "Defense and National Security Advisor" for Sweden.

In a statement sent to Mediaite, Bildt referred to himself as a "independent political advisor," before blaming Fox News for using the aforementioned title in a graphic. As of press time, Fox News has not released a comment or statement on the issue.