After Kelly Carter posted a picture of a racist comment left on a restaurant receipt by a white couple, her story went viral, thanks to the Huffington Post, the New York Daily News, and other media outlets. As a result, the Virginia waitress earned thousands of dollars in online donations. There's just one problem -- the entire story was a fabrication.

On January 7, a couple dining at Anita’s New Mexico Style Café in Ashburn, Virginia, allegedly scrawled a note on their receipt stating, "Great service, don't tip black people." The waitress, Kelly Carter, took a picture of the racist comment, which was later seen by the Loudon County NAACP.

After the NAACP got involved, a Virginia man started an online fundraiser for the victim, which raked in more than $3,600 for Carter.

Attorney for 'racist' couple says receipt was a hoax

But Daniel Hebda, a lawyer representing the supposedly racist couple, says that Carter fabricated the entire story -- and he has proof.

According to Hebda, the diners actually did leave a tip -- one penny -- as a result of Carter's lackluster waitressing skills. The diners wrote "terrible service" on the bottom of the original receipt. The so-called racist receipt made famous by the gullible mainstream media, Hebda claims, is a duplicate receipt printed long after the customers left the restaurant.

How can he be sure?

The receipt posted by Kelly Carter bears markings indicating that it is a reprint, and not the original. But even more convincing is the fact that the markings on the racist receipt indicate that it was printed hours after the restaurant's closing time.

NAACP continues to back Carter's story

According to WTOP, Hebda contacted the lawyers for Anita’s “and demanded that they set the story straight and find out who is responsible.” Thomas Tellez, owner of the restaurant, has not yet commented on the matter. it is also unclear what will happen to the donations received by Carter.

The Loudon County NAACP, incidentally, continues to support the waitress and her claims.