For the first time since he was sworn into office on Inauguration Day, President Donald Trump addressed Republicans and Democrats in Congress. Following his speech, the Democrats delivered their response, and they didn't hold back.

Democrats on Trump

After Donald Trump made his way to the podium on Tuesday night, Republicans greeted him on the aisle way, while the majority of Democrats sat in their seat and refused to shake the hand of the new commander in chief. Trump started his speech while speaking about unification, stating, "I am here tonight to deliver a message of unity and strength, and it is a message deeply delivered from my heart." However, once Trump got past his opening remarks, his speech quickly fell along party lines.

While Republicans got on their feet and cheered the former host of "The Apprentice," Democrats were left with a sour taste in their mouth. Following the conclusion of the speech, Former Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear gave the offical Democratic Party response to the speech, as reported by The Hill on February 28.

Steve Beshear didn't hold back his thoughts on Donald Trump, hitting back at the president on a variety of issues, accusing him of being a "Wall Street champion." "You picked a Cabinet of billionaires and Wall Street insiders who want to eviscerate the protections that most Americans count on and that help level the playing field," Beshear said.

Not stopping there, Steve Beshear went on to claim that Donald Trump was "eroding our Democracy" by continuing to question the "loyalty and credibility of our intelligence agencies, the court system, the military, the free press and individual Americans." The Democratic Party rebuttal to the speech was as expected, and only highlights the great divide when it comes to politics in the United States.

Trump debunked

As expected, fact-checkers had their hands full during Trump's speech. Throughout the night, Trump's claims were fact-checked and debunked, including, but not limited to remarks made about the economy, healthcare, jobs, and immigration.

Looking ahead

With Donald Trump's first term just over a month old, recent trends don't show much hope for Republicans and Democrats coming together. Trump's speech delivered a mixed message, at times speaking of unity, while also pushing an agenda that is expected to only go over well with Republicans and other conservatives. Only time will tell if common ground will be found, but it doesn't appear likely in the near future.