A daycare worker was caught on camera breastfeeding another mother's three-month-old son without the mother's permission at Orange Chatham Early School in Carrboro, North Carolina last Friday. The mother is hoping police will press charges against the worker, especially since the baby became ill following the incident.

The baby's mother, Kaycee Oxendine, saw the worker breastfeeding her son on video inside Carrboro Early School where she works as a pre-kindergarten teacher. She always thought it was safe to have her baby in the nursery where she works.

However, she never expected to see her baby being breastfed by a daycare worker. The footage shows the woman lifting up her top and bringing Oxendine's baby's mouth to her bare breast.

Lactose intolerant

The daycare worker is believed to have breastfed the baby because she thought he was constipated. What the woman didn't know was that the baby had been born prematurely and was lactose intolerant. He should not have milk products because his body can't digest them. The baby did get sick and began throwing up. He was rushed to UNC Hospital where he was treated.

The woman who breastfed Oxendine's baby was fired after she was caught in the act; however, the mother wants the woman to be charged with a criminal act.

Carrboro police said the incident has been considered child abuse. No charges have been filed for the misdemeanor yet, but Oxendine is not giving up. She is still trying to get the police to charge the daycare worker for what she did to her helpless son.

Daycare center

The daycare center had recently been inspected and received a good report from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.

Therefore, the facility is not been held responsible for the unconventional act of its daycare worker. The child's mother doesn't blame the center, but she wants justice for her son.

Do you think the daycare worker should be criminally charged, or do you think her being fired is punishment enough? What would you do if it had been your baby?