A questionable report about Casey Anthony opening a daycare center has prompted full-on outrage. On August 5, the News site Associated Media Coverage published a piece claiming that the acquitted "Tot Mom" wanted to start a daycare center.

Photo of Anthony's application "leaked" online

According to Snopes.com, the report alleged that Anthony filled out paperwork with the Florida Department of Children and Families to open and operate her own daycare facility. An employee with the department then "leaked" a photo of Casey's family daycare home registration application on social media.

The employee was supposedly fired after the incident and the department hasn't commented on the incident.

As the story goes, Casey Anthony didn't realize the answer to her financial troubles and finding her passion was taking care of kids until she began babysitting her neighbor's two children. When the the mom, Debbie Higgins, began working, she was desperate for help with her kids. Casey then watched her kids for about six months until she was ready to apply for a business license through the State of Florida to have her own home daycare.

Report is a hoax

Snopes calls out the report as bogus. Casey didn't file paperwork to have her own daycare business. Associated Media Coverage went on to add that Casey even told a reporter that she found her true calling in caring for young children.

It added that Casey is always mourning her daughter, Caylee Anthony, and that by caring for the children of others, the "healing process" can begin.

An image of Casey's alleged daycare application through the Florida Department of Children and Families was posted on the site with some of the information blocked from view. It showed her first and last name with an email address containing the name "Caylee" in it.

Snopes notes that Associated Media Coverage fabricated the report to prompt outrage. It's a site known to elicit anger in its false reports. For instance, it promoted a story about a shooting that broke out over a transgender bathroom issue when it was a subject of fierce debate just a few months ago.

Given the fact Casey Anthony is still blamed for the death of her 2-year-old daughter, the idea of her opening a daycare center is beyond disturbing to many.