With each passing day, Donald Trump continues to escalate his feud with the mainstream media. After the much talked about and controversial press conference that took place at the White House on Thursday, one CNN host is firing back.

Tapper on Breitbart

Last summer when then Donald Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort was forced to resign after being exposed for having financial ties to Russia, the billionaire real estate mogul made big changes. In Manafort's place with put Repubican pollster Kellyanne Conway, but along with her came Steve Bannon, the former head of Breitbart News.

Bannon is currently the Chief Strategist in the White House, but has been the source of much controversy. Critics have labeled Bannon a "racist" and a "white supremacist," which has also been the label of the news publication in question. Last month while speaking to the New York Times, Bannon referred to the media as "the opposition party," a talking point that has increased as Trump has made attacking the press a part of his daily social media routine. With Bannon still holding strong ties to Breitbart, the right-wing news outlet took at shot at CNN host Jake Tapper this week, who was quick to fire back, as seen in a February 17 Twitter post.

On Friday night, Breitbart News ran an article that was critical of Jape Tapper's recent comments on Donald Trump.

When posting the article on Twitter, Breitbart News attached the comment, "When you make Jake Tapper drop the 'Russkies hacked the election' meme. On Friday morning, the CNN host responded, mocking the news publication for their close ties to Steve Bannon, while accusing them of being the Chief Stragist's dog. "@BreitbartNews Such a good doggy.

Now go get your treat from Bannon," Tapper tweeted, while adding, "Arf!"

Trump vs CNN

While Donald Trump has engaged in a war of worlds with various news outlets since he first announced his campaign for president, it's been his interactions with CNN that has generated the most heat.

Just last month during a press conference at Trump Tower in New York City, the president refused to allow CNN's Jim Acosta to even ask a question, before labeling the network "fake news," which has become one of his go-to talking points when attacking the press.