It's hard to believe that Donald Trump is now the president of the USA. The real estate mogul effectively used the media and his own resources to run a campaign that appealed to enough of the American people for him to win the election against Hillary Clinton. Clinton had a tough inauguration thanks to her husband and an audience that was definitely pro-Trump. But that's not what this article is about. It's time to recognize that Donald Trump and the White House aren't interested in battling against climate change.

Proof of a Lack of Commitment.

If you search for climate change on the website of the White House, you would find the following results.

That's an unfortunate sign from our new political leaders. I know Trump probably doesn't have much time left, but he should still be striving to protect the planet on which we live. A desire to avoid even mentioning climate change means that Trump and his administration don't care too much about it. Corporate greed and Trump's willingness to do business could now easily prove disastrous for both humanity and the environment. And the man in change of Trump's environmental policy?

Myron Ebell: In Charge of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Myron Ebell is a noted climate change denier and has repeatedly fought against the science of global warming. If there were a debate about this topic, Ebell would likely be a fine choice. But a majority of scientists believe that climate change is harming our planet and that should be good enough for Ebell to recognize that this is important.

But in a Trump White House, corporations will lobby and push for decreased environmental regulation. And guess who's going to give it to them? The man and the administration who has built his empire by making deals and playing the people around him. Ebell doesn't care about climate change and is more interested in the unrestricted growth of the economy.

A Look Toward the Future.

If the American people want to make a difference, they still can. Demonstrations, letters to Congress members, and other measures can still be taken to make sure that the government remains committed to reducing the impact of climate change. But this development with the White House website is a huge step backwards and is a bad sign for an administration that already has a negative reputation in the eyes of almost half of the American people.