The presidential inauguration marked a momentous piece of American history. Donald Trump will likely be one of the most unique presidents of all time thanks to the way in which he ascended to the office. Trump had minimal political experience and instead chose to leverage his business experience to run an effective political campaign. After a ton of media firestorms, Trump shockingly won the presidency and beat out Hillary Clinton. Now Trump's family has quickly taken on a bigger role in the spotlight. And that means even more attention is drawn to Ivanka Trump.

Bill Clinton Gets Caught Staring.

Hillary's husband is well known for his cheating scandal that occurred while he was in office. It hasn't deterred Hillary from pursuing her passions and attempting to reach the presidency. Still, videos like this have to make you wonder why Hillary chooses to put up with her husband on a daily basis.

You have to be joking right? Hillary literally went up on stage and the audience mocked and yelled at her. This is probably one of the worst days of her life. And she still chose to attend the inauguration because of the history associated with it. And now Bills has to make it even worse for her by staring at Ivanka. What a tool.

What Does the Future Hold for Hillary Clinton?

It's hard to see how Hillary could ever choose to make another run for the presidency. She lost to an unbelievable campaign led by what is recognized as one of the best slogans of all time: HOPE. And this year she lost to a calculating maniac who leveraged the media, his assets, and the American people to win the US election.

But Hillary is a resilient individual.

Could we see a Clinton campaign in 2020? It wouldn't surprise me, but any other individual in her situation would choose to end their presidential bids. After such a successful career, it's hard to understand why Clinton needs to become president.

It would be even more interesting if we saw the emergence of other female candidates in 2020. America has yet to have a female president and we will have to wait and see if a challenger for the presidency emerges in 2020.