Last week was the Women's March that featured celebrities like Ashley Judd and Madonna and third wave feminist leaders like Wendy Davis. They sported signs, speeches, and full on support from liberal organizations like Planned Parenthood, Salon, and others. While many politicians were there, it had no support from the new administration.

On Friday, there was another march on Washington, DC. It was the 44th annual March For Life rally. Organizations like Human Life International and American Life League sponsored this year's event. It features such pro-life activists like former abortionist Abbey Johnson, founder of And Then There Were None.

This year they had a historic guest, Vice President Mike Pence, who has been a supporter of the pro-life movement for most of his political career.

Vice President Pence speaks at the rally

Mike Pence was the first sitting vice president to speak at the pro-life rally. Prior to the event, MFL president Jeanne Mancini released a statement saying, "We are very pleased to welcome Vice President Mike Pence to speak at this year's March for Life. His appearance marks a historic moment for the pro-life movement." She went on to say that Pence exemplifies this year's theme "power of one."

"Life is Winning"

Pence opened by saying he was deeply humbled to speak at the march. He told an enthusiastic crowd that they had the full support of President Donald Trump, who is fully committed to supporting the pro-life movement.

He added, "life is winning again in America." That line became the theme of his speech.

The Vice President said that life is winning in science, in the court of public opinion, and in legislatures across the United States. He added, "Let this movement be known for love and not anger." He concluded with a quote from America's third president Thomas Jefferson, "God who gave us life, gave us liberty."

The crowd cheered vigorously for the speech as Mike Pence exited the stage. White House adviser Kellyanne Conway is also speaking at the March for Life. Trump supporter and Utah Congresswoman Mia Love will be speaking as well.