Staff at Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, are reportedly "fed up" with calls from people venting their anger at the clubs owner, reported the Daily Mail on Friday. Angry callers began phoning the Mar-a-Lago resort after the White House deactivated a "comments" phone line used by the Obama administration. In what appears to be a highly-organized campaign of harassment, the abusive callers have been asking resort receptionists to "pass a message to management."

Phone line will be restored, says administration

On Monday, the White House press office assured the public that the comment line would not be disabled permanently and that there are plans in the works to get the phone line up and running again in the near future.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Trump administration has not yet confirmed exactly when this will happen.

Trump administration insiders were quick to assure the American public that there was nothing nefarious about the disabling of the comment line -- it was simply a matter of acclimation. “We’re still learning how to work our computers,” press assistant Giovanna Coia explained to the Los Angeles Times earlier this week.

Anti-Trumpers have been targeting resort since Inauguration Day

The Mar-a-Lago resort has been a target for Trump haters since Inauguration Day. Last Friday, a 48-year-old U.S. Postal Service employee named Kelly Weidman was arrested by Palm Beach police after she trespassed onto Mar-a-Lago property and smeared bananas on cars in the private resort's parking lot.

According to Palm Beach County's Sun Sentinel, Weidman also broke into the resort's clubhouse and typed a profane anti-Trump message on one of the Mar-a-Lago computers.

The 20-acre oceanfront property was purchased by Trump for $5 million in 1985 and is now estimated to be worth $300 million. The Mar-a-Lago resort, which has been referred to as the "Winter White House," features a 100-room mansion with private living quarters for the president and his family.