If you were in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 17th though the 20th, you probably saw a lot of bumper stickers from the National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America, and the "come and take it" sticker. That is because the National Shooting Sports Foundation hosted its 2017 Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade or SHOT Show expo in Sin City. They featured new firearms and other products for sportsmen and women who enjoy their guns.

While usually an event for fun, this time around it was different. The Second Amendment has been under fire from gun control advocates, and the SHOT Show did not escape the fray.

A woman identified as Marla W. wrote on the Facebook of SHOT Show attendee and host of the hit show "Dirty Jobs" Mike Rowe, "I can't believe you'd risk your good name associating with a bunch of gun nuts. You've lost a fan."

Standing up to the critics

Shannon Watts, leader of the Micheal Bloomberg-funded gun control group Moms Demand Action, took to Twitter to mock author and The Blaze host Dana Loesch. Watts said in a Tweet, "I'm a mom. And just like millions of other, I dress head-to-toe in black leather and live to shoot 'thugs' in the head." Loesch, who is blocked on Twitter by Watts, responded brilliantly with her Tweet. She wrote, "I love how gun-control advocacy devolved into obsessing over and attacking my looks.

I hold the power by living rent-free in your head."

Even with the vitriol coming from gun control advocates, Second Amendment sportsmen and women are not giving up the fight. Mike Rowe gave a heartfelt and patriotic response to his Facebook critic. He was a proud attendee at SHOT Show.

Despite the criticism, most Second Amendment advocates handle the attacks by standing firm.

Dana Loesch was present at Shot Show 2017 and she was not alone. Another Watts target, Colion Noir, host of "Noir" on NRA TV was there broadcasting live. Katie Pavlich, author of "Assault and Flattery" was featured on an advertisement for a silencer at the expo.

Mia Rhode, owner of the "Life of a Shooter's Wife" blog, told me, "Self-protection is afforded to us through the Second Amendment of the Constitution, and knowing how to use firearms properly is our responsibility and duty.

Negligence is never acceptable, and it just feeds the anti-gun crusaders more fodder for their illegitimate ratings and over reaching gun laws. Events like Shot Show are a key element in this responsibility because it brings the latest in firearms use and technology to the public via sellers and instructors. It's an informative tool, one that's necessary to supporting our rights as civilians in protecting ourselves and our families."