The seriousness and consequences of the U.S. election is unfolding at a rapid pace. On day one, the newly elected President Donald Trump signed an executive order to halt a federal mortgage program’s discount fees, which would have saved first-time home buyers hundreds of dollars. Now the demand for Trump to turn over his tax returns has reached a fever pitch. A new petition posted on the White House official web page has over 120,000 signatures so far and is calling for an immediate release of his tax returns. The Trump administration is bound to respond within 60 days to the petition.

There is concern over Trump’s conflicts of interests, especially since it has been revealed he has not resigned from his businesses as claimed. Surprised? The argument is that this administration’s economic conflicts should be made known to Americans because any foreign influences or financial influences could put the president in conflict with emolument clauses in the Constitution. The emoluments clause states no person holding any office may receive presents from a foreign government. This is something critics have long warned may be the case with the self-proclaim deal maker’s business organization expanding all over the world.

A major bone of contention and its damaging effects

Because Donald Trump says one thing, while contradictions continue to surface saying another, his secrecy may cost the country dearly when it comes to receiving intelligence information.

Top officials maintain he is keeping Americans dangerously ignorant regarding his conflicts of interests. This is not a family business. Not only that, foreign allies are now concerned with the safety of sensitive information within U.S. intelligence agencies due to Trump’s apparent fondness for the Kremlin. Trump insulting his own country’s intelligence community and favoring warmer ties with Russia has allies on pause.

Why would other nations bother to give the U.S. potentially life-saving intel when the country’s leader thinks the experts know nothing.

Is America headed for the dark ages?

Donald Trump’s off-the-cuff remarks also have many in the U.S. and abroad worried that he may inadvertently slip some classified information. Observers still remember the so-called hostage release video he claimed to have seen several months ago. Former CIA Director John Brennan said the world is watching and asks, if Trump does not have confidence in the intelligence community, then what message does that send to allies and adversaries?