All across Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C., hundreds of thousands of Americans gathered along streets to greet and welcome President Donald Trump to the White House. President Trump, along with the First family and Vice President Pence, Mrs. Pence, and their family, took the famous walk to White House, and, in keeping with tradition, stepped out of the cars and waved to the people during the Inaugural Parade.

President Donald Trump, with First Lady Melanie Trump, walked hand in hand alongside their 10-year-old son Barron, waving to the crowd of people.

President Donald Trump was joined by his older children and their families as well. Vice President Mike Pence was accompanied by his wife Mrs. Pence, along with their family. Their son was unable to attend the festivities due to his military duties.

Riots broke out

As people have been celebrating the Inauguration Day festivities, just a few blocks away from the parade route, police in riot gear lined the streets to hold off protesters that turned violent. Police used pepper spray and flash grenades to push back the protesters when the crowd began throwing rocks and bricks at them and setting fires. Peter Newsham, of the Metropolitan Police Department, stated that six police officers were injured and more than 217 people have been arrested, via NPR.

History of the Inaugural Parade

Thomas Jefferson was the first president to hold the festivities in Washington D.C. and the first official parade in 1805. The very first organized Inaugural Parade (which also included the first Inaugural Ball) was in 1809 by James Madison. The very first televised Inaugural Parade was held in 1961, by John F.

Kennedy. Bill Clinton was the first to have the event over the intent in 1997.

The Inaugural Parade today

Both the military and citizens gather together from all over the country to participate in the parade. Marching bands from all branches of the military perform, and school's and groups from all over the nation join the Inaugural Parade.

Millions of people today watch the Inauguration of the President of The United States.

President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump has been the most controversy presidential candidate in American history. His journey to White House has been a long one that took America by storm in many different ways, some good, and some bad. The nation seems to be split with President Donald Trump in office. As events unfolded behind the scenes, President Donald Trump and everyone who was with him continued to enjoy their day and all the events.

The First Lady and Barron

First Lady Melania Trump could not be overlooked throughout the day. She looked stunning, and brought class and elegance to the White House. Barron Trump (the 10-year-old son of President Trump) is the first male child in the White House since John J. Kennedy's son, John Jr.