With Donald Trump now in the White House, his ties back to the corporate world were supposed to be severed. However, despite Trump announcing that he had signed away controlling interest in his businesses to his two sons, that doesn't appear to be the case.

Trump trouble

Just over a week ago, Donald Trump held his now infamous press conference at Trump Tower in New York City. In addition to the heated moment of clashing with CNN reporter Jim Acosta, referring to him as "fake news," the billionaire real estate mogul announced that he had officially resigned from his businesses, giving total control to his sons, Eric Trump, and Donald Trump Jr.

The decision was made after mounting pressure grew, while critics pointed to the conflict of interest in having a business man in the White House. As reported by The Hill on January 20, a new report reveals that the previous announcement wasn't accurate.

A detailed report done by Pro Publica reveals that Donald Trump is still the head of his business empire. Pro Publica revealed in their detailed report that the president has not yet removed himself from as many as 12 of his companies. Various Trump-owned business throughout the country, including in Florida, New York, and Delaware, have "not yet received the paperwork necessary for the president to officially transfer control of his businesses," according to The Hill.

Trump Foundation

One of the biggest questions raised during the election was what the new president would do with his controversial charity, the "Donald J. Trump Foundation." Pro Publica also looked into the charity, and found that "documents pertaining to the charitable organization haven’t been updated." During the aforementioned press conference, Sheri Dillon, one of Trump's lawyers, noted that all the paper work regarding the businesses and controlling interest would be made offical by Inauguration Day, but that doesn't seem to have happened.

Next up

Despite the bombshell news by Pro Publica, it doesn't appear that Donald Trump or his administration will be racing to fix the issue anytime soon. With the former host of "The Apprentice" in the White House following the Trump inauguration, the direction of the United States is expected to shift dramatically, despite push back from the opposition.