Donald Trump has only been in office for a week, but he's already making major changes in how the United States does business. As of Thursday morning, the Trump administration is facing serious backlash.

Trump trouble

The election of Donald Trump will go down as one of the most shocking events in political history. The former host of "The Apprentice" surprised many by even running for president, and now he's the 45th commander in chief. In recent days, Trump has issued multiple executive orders dealing with, but not limited to, repealing Obamacare, building a Southern border wall, and restarting the Keystone XL pipeline.

Trump has since received heavy criticism, which continued on Thursday morning, as reported by The Hill on January 26.

In news that came out of nowhere, the entire senior level of management at the State Department has resigned. Patrick Kennedy, who has served as the undersecretary of nearly a decade, decided to step down on Wednesday night. Following Kennedy out of the door was Joyce Anne Barr, the assistant Secretary of State of administration, Michele Bond, who held the same position for Consular Affairs, as well as Gentry Smith, the director of the Office of Foreign Affairs.

All four top officials have severed under both Republicans and Democratic presidents, but they will not be taking orders from President Donald Trump.

Mexico says "No"

Donald Trump and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto were set to meet this week, but after the billionaire real estate mogul signed his executive order on the border wall, the meeting was called off.

On Wednesday night, Pena Nieto announced that Mexico had "rejected" the idea that they would ever pay for a border wall, which prompted many to call for a canceling of the meeting. Trump then took to Twitter to threatened the Mexican president over the meeting, which was then called off just hours later.

Moving forward

In addition to the long list of issues facing the new administration, reports have also circulated that Donald Trump is having a hard-time dealing with the backlash against him.

Twenty-four hours after his inauguration last Friday, over two million protesters took part in various Women's March demonstrations across the country, with other protests being held around the world.