When MichaelSenatore demonstrated how to flip a water bottle in the air and have it stand up, he had no idea students would get into trouble for flipping water bottles in schools around the world. According to their teachers, students are spending too much time flipping water bottles. It has become distracting, and teachers are actually fed up with hearing the sound all day long. While some teachers have embraced bottle flipping in their science lessons, more teachers don't like it and want it banned.

Bottle flipping banned

When students returned to Fulston Manor school in Britain after the summer break, the water bottle flipping got so much out of hand that Alan Brookes, head teacher, banned water bottles because students were spending too much time flippling them.

Brookes' ban was described as ridiculous, and the teacher was personally criticized for being too critical. Students fought back saying the teacher could not prevent them from bringing plastic water bottles to school. They claimed it is their human right to have water bottles with them if they wanted to. Teachers, like Brookes, said hearing water bottles flipping during the school day is really annoying. Within two days, students had gotten over the ban and movedon.

Michael Senatore

Michael Senatore admits it is the most annoying sounds in the entire world. Therefore, the 18-year-old college student has apologized to teachers around the world for being responsible for the water bottle flipping in elementary, middle and high schools.

He, himself, can handle the sound for just a little while. It all started last spring when Michael participated in the annual senior talent showat Ardrey Kell High School in Charlotte, North Carolina. The senior built up suspense by walking on the stage in a dramatic fashion to music. Then he flipped a half-full water bottle.

In just one rotation, the bottle landed upright on the small table in front of an auditorium full of students who went wild after seeing the act. See for yourself what happened in the video below.

The above video has been viewed over six million times since it was posted on YouTube last spring. Senatore is at the University of South Carolina now,but he feels responsible for teachers having to put up with the flipping sound.

Bottle flipping has spread so quickly because it is so easy to do. Simply fill a standard bottle with water or other liquid. Grab it from the top. Then flip it forward and upward so that it rotates only once in the air. Watch it land standing upright.