In a video that stuns with the reveal by former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Steve Pieczenik that intelligence agencies are uniting to take down the Clinton "Coup D’état," of America, Twitter is buzzing that this may kill Hillary Clinton's last chance at becoming president of the USA. With the start of the 2016 Election just days away, he obviously hopes that this will sway the undecided voter into the Trump camp.

The silent coup by the Clinton camp

In the video, Pieczenik opened by accusing Hillary Clinton, Bill, and their entourage of affecting a civilian coup.

He explained that this differs from what most people think of as a coup, where the "military take over the Whitehouse." In this civilian coup, he said things were "done silently and very effectively." He elaborated on the methods used, describing them as corruption and co-optation. He named a long list of judges and intelligence agency leaders who appear to have been co-opted via political cronyism. He specifically mentioned the head of the FBI, James Comey.

Brave people who will stop it along with Assange

Nevertheless, Pieczenik says that there are people who want to stop this civilian coup, and that to do this people in the "intelligence community" along with unnamed others, have banded together.

In his video, Pieczenik says that with the permission of these people, he is announcing the initiation of a "counter-coup." This counter coup is being done via Wikileaks and Julian Assange.

The corruption of the Clinton Foundation

This came about when Comey was forced to look at opening the case against Hillary Clinton over the email involving the Anthony Wiener case.

The counter coup group felt they could announce that "We have your number." He goes further and warns that "we will stop you from making Hillary Clinton the president of the United States." Not only that - but he threatens to indict and convict the President of the USA as well others who were involved in the corruption "cover-up of the Clinton Foundation."

As most of this happened via the internet Pieczenik claims it is possibly the first time in history that the quiet stealth of the internet has been used to force a civilian coup and a counter coup in the United States.

He reiterated several times that this is not just him, and the whole counter-coup is "far bigger" than him. He explains that there were those who were brave enough who served in the FBI, the CIA, Military Intelligence and other bodies, to help take down the corruption in the White House and in the justice system.

He calls the current events in American politics a major issue and likened it to a "second American Revolution." Nevertheless, there will be "no guns" used this time around and the American public will not get hurt he says. The whole aim of the counter-coup is to stop the "Clintons from assuming power that they don’t deserve.

The entire video can be seen below.