Carla Denise Garrison is being awarded more than $4.6 million in damages after being pricked by a needle in a Target parking lot. The award for the Anderson, South Carolina woman is one of the largest amountsin the history of Anderson County. Court documents state that Garrison's eight-year-old daughter, Kaileigh, picked up a hypodermic needle in Target's parking lot in May 2014. The mother immediately swatted it out of her daughter's hand. The needle got stuck in Garrison's right palm. The South Carolina woman went into the store and reported the incident.

Claim against Target

In order to make sure Garrisondidn't contract HIV or hepatitis, she was treated at AnMed Health. The medicine made her so sick she became bedridden. The good News in this situation is that she was tested negative. Her husband, Clint, had to take time off from work to take care of his wife. Instead of going to trial, the attorney for Garrison requested $12,000 from Target last February. At the time, Garrison only wanted money for medical bills and compensation for thetime her husband had to take off from his job.Apparently, Target did accept some responsibility but only to the tune of $750.

Target's response

Target believes that the $750 award to Carla Garrisonwas fair and rejected the initial $12,000 request.

The store believed the court would agree with the store's decision. That's why Target didn't mind the case going to trial. However, the store was wrong. The jury set an amount that was much higher than was initially requested. The final award has not been determined. The court has said it is to be more than $4.6 million, but punitive damages can be capped under certain circumstances as outlined by South Carolina law.The retailer disagrees with the amount the jury set for damages and is considering an appeal for that large amount.

Social media responses

People on social media are sounding out about this case. Some think the case was ridiculoussaying Target shouldn't be held responsiblebecause the store can't send out sweepers at all hours to make sure the parking lot is clean. Some people blame the mother for rapidly swatting the needle out of her daughter's hand. They say she should have had her daughter hold her hand still while she slowly took it away from her. Who do you think was to blame for the incident?What do you think about the huge award?