Washington- As the Presidental debates get more and more intense, Different situations keep arising. This time the House Democrats personal email accounts were hacked into. The Hacker calling himself "Guccifer 2.0" has retrieved the personal data of all the Democrats of the house and retrieved phone numbers and private e-mail addresses of the Democrats.The Democratic Party is searching for answers, and solutions.

The data that was posted to the Hackers WordPress blog also contained how to contact the staff and campaign aides. Also in the information obtained was the login information of all their accounts as well.

Officials have coined the hack, Electronic Watergate".

Electronic Watergate

According to CNN, Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, suggests that a police investigation should be conducted.

The hack, being called the "electronic Watergate," by Nancy Pelosi, Who was hacked even worse. Among the data released, a document analyzingthe candidates of Florida'scongressional district. The Democrats are up-in-arms over the ordeal and not happy at all.

Who is to blame?

As the cybercrimeseems to be growing, officials are baffled as to who is behind this theft. Although there is no way to identify the person "Guccifer 2.0," the name is in reference to a RomanianHacker who plead guilty to hacking several political figures including George Bush Senior and George Bush Junior, as well as others.

So far the Administrationhas not identified who they think the Mad Hackeris, but intelligence and law enforcementhave told CNN that Russia is most likely the suspect.

Cyber Terrorism

According to the FBI, cyber terrorism is the premeditated infiltrationof a computer system that is politically motivated. Unlike a virus that denies service, a cyber attack is used to cause physical harm or financial ruin.

Experts say that cyber terror is most likely to rise shortly. According to Dark Reading magazine, hacks against the Governments will rise, far surpassing the old style of terrorism with bombs and hijackings.

Cyber terror has already exceeded expected results as previously predictedand continues to evolve along with cyber security.

This is making it impossible for either side to remain on top for long. This is why it is important for the cyber security companies to stay on top of things and for us as the people to keep our firewalls up-to-date.