As if the Benghazi e-mail scandal was not damaging enough, A new batch of incriminating evidence has surfaced Tuesday that may do it for Hillary Clinton, however, these e-mails link the Clinton Foundation and the State Department, according to Fox News.

The Clinton Foundation

Conservative Watchdog just released 300 new e-mails that it told Fox News Tuesday was not among the original 30,000 that was released previously a couple weeks ago. According to Fox News, they link the Clinton Foundation to operations in the State Department. Despite the claims by Clinton that she turned over all the work related e-mails, amid the now closed probe in her private server use.

The new documents challenge the claim she made between the foundation and the work she had at the State Department being non-existent.

Trump says "Pay for Play"

According to the Chicago Tribune, Donald Trump stated at a rally Wednesday that Clinton "Paid for Play." Trump is accusing Clinton of "Pay for Play," during her work at the State Department in response to the newly released e-mails. Trump goes on to say,"You pay and you are getting things. It is really, really bad and her behavior is illegal."

Previous e-mails

In the previous e-mails that were released, the e-mails proved Clinton was not truthful in her testimony she gave authorities. According to CNN in July, even though FBI Director James Comey did notrecommend charges, his statement provided a questionable outlook on the situation.

Comey said Clinton was extremely careless in the way she handled classified information. Comey also said in her position as Secretary of State, she should have known better. There was evidencethat someone in her position as well as the ones she was communicating with knew that the subject matter discussed should not have been conducted in an unclassified e-mail server.

James Comey went on to say that none of the e-mails should have been on any unclassified system. "This was deeply concerning," said Comey. The whole ordeal some say was extremely odd how the investigation was conducted.

In conclusion, only time will tell how the voters react to the second batch of e-mails. We will keep you posted as election comes closer.