Results from Hillary Clinton's lie detector test from her email probe shows she failed it. This comes from an insider spilling details of how everything went down when the Democratic presidential nominee was being investigated for about her private emails that made U.S. military secrets vulnerable to being exposed.

Insider says Hillary Clinton almost 'maxed out stress' test on polygraph.

RadarOnline reports that a source close to the situation leaked information on Clinton's lie detector test. She and her husband, Bill Clinton, have strong connections to the FBI and U.S.

State Department. They're all believed to have teamed up for the intent purpose of deceiving the American public in order to let Hillary skate from justice. The insider begins by saying that the Clintons are "too big to jail" and that they view themselves as being "above the law."

Michael Sylvestre, a renown lie-detection expert, analyzed taped comments made by Hillary, Bill, U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and FBI Director James Comey. The device used in the recordings was a highly technical program known as DecepTech Voice Stress Analysis Machine.

Sylvestre calls all four unabashed liars who covered for the former first lady and secretary of state. He underscored that Hillary Clinton is "guilty of deception." The expert's analysis is based on information said to be more precise than a traditional polygraph test because it measures stress in speech patterns.

He said Clinton was “close to maxing out on stress” when she contested to emailing “any classified material to anyone.” These were more pronounced when the words "email," and "classified" came up.

Sylvestre concludes that the whole thing is a cover-up.

When the FBI director announced there would be no criminal charges filed against Hillary Clinton, he said she was “extremely careless.” He threw everyone for a loop when he added that she showed no “intentional misconduct or indications of disloyalty to the United States or efforts to obstruct justice.”

RadarOnline's insider goes on to say that Comey was misleading the public when he mentioned “no outside influence of any kind was brought to bear” on the FBI’s email probe.

The lie-detector test expert suspects Comey was "definitely influenced" in his decision due to the considerable stress detected in those words.

Alleges Lynch lied.

He also says Lynch lied about what happened during the secret meeting she had with Bill late June after she got on her plane at the Phoenix airport. Lynch's failed Sylvestre's test when she used the words "no discussions" when she insisted she spoke with the former president only about golf and their grandchildren.

He thinks they were talking about the case. Furthermore, the expert claims Bill lied when he cited the investigation into Hillary's emails as “a game.”

FBI agents sign 'gag' order.

According to Fox News, Comey sent a letter to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) on July 1 outlining restrictions placed on agents who were linked with the FBI's email investigation. FBI agents signed a gag order called the "Case Briefing Acknowledgement." contract which states that discussing details of the investigation is "strictly prohibited" unless official approval is granted. It also states that the agents are subject to lie detector tests. The purpose of such an agreement is made to not only maintain records of those with knowledge of the Hillary Clinton email probe, but to fiercely protect all classified and sensitive information.