Quandeel Baloch, 25, was known for posting selfies and what was deemed as controversial photos and videos political posts on social media. She had over 123,000 followers on Instagram and her brothers demanded that she stop her usage, but she refused to do so. On the evening of Friday, July 15 she was allegedly strangled to death by her brother, Wasseem after an argument with her brothers, in the name of preserving “family honor.” Baloch was killed while visiting her parents near the city of Multan during Eid, which marks the end of the month of Ramadan.

She was so concerned for her safety in the days before her murder that she wrote a letter to the interior ministry asking for protection. Video posted online show Baloch deceased as men attempt to remove her body from a car amid much chaos.

Quandeel was a polarizing figure.

Her outspoken nature may have been what led to her untimely death. Quandeel was criticized recently after posting pictures on Facebook of her standing beside Muslim cleric Mufti Qavi during their meeting in a hotel room to discuss Islam. According to the pair, the meeting was held so Qavi could teach her more about Islam.

Honor killing is commonplace in many cultures.

Honor killings, also called shame killings are common in Pakistani as well as other countries where women are seen as property.

Pakistan is a mostly Islamic country, but honor killings occur in several cultures. There are various reasons given for honor killing. Among those are being the victim of rape, refusing to enter an arranged marriage, and renouncing a faith. The women are also killed by stoning, burning, beating, beheading, stabbing, acid attacks, and throat slashing.

They have been documented in India, Turkey, and even the United States. Current Pakistani law allows the perpetrators of the killings to leave jail by paying blood money and asking for forgiveness. There has been anoutcry over the practice of honor killings, but many of these countries are slow to change their ideology. Baloch's parents were taken into custody but her brother remains on the run.