Mary Hastings, a 63-year-old Texas teacher, working at Ozen High School, Beaumont was arrested on April 08, 2016 as a video which surfaced online featured her beating up a black student and repeatedly striking on his head.

The video fetched substantial criticisms from all corners, and many people triggered protests against the teacher through various social networking sites.

The video lasted nine seconds, and it visualized the supervisor beating the boy five times on his head after an apparent disruption in the class. During the time of slapping, Hastings called the pupil 'an idiot ass' which is a shocking usage capable of shattering the decorum of classroom.

After getting slaps from the lecturer, the student asks her back "Why You Did That", and soon Mary mocked the words of the young boy. What happened before and after the clip remains unclear.

As the slapping clip went viral, Beaumont Independent School District issued a statement claiming that she was immediately removed from the classroom and is on administrative leave.

Officials also condemned her action of child abuse. They also added that any kind assault will not be tolerated in educational institutions.

The statement also confirmed that police officers have caught the Texas coach for physically assaulting a pupil. The arrest was made after Investigative officers analyzed the video. Mary is now on out on bail.

At this juncture, we are revealing a very shocking revelation from a student who wished to stay anonymous.

A young girl in Mary's school told that the alleged culprit was a great teacher, and the incident happened as the boys used to throw something at her all the time. As per this girl, both Hastings and the kids had a bad day, and this resulted in all these issues.

If found guilty, then Mary will stay in Jail for some period. Hastings has been working for the past three years. BISD is now investigating the case.

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