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TikTok star Lauren Kettering is under fire after she posted a video of her dog's head stuck in a jar. The video showed Kettering's pup with its head in a jar of treats, unable to get out. Fans were furious that Kettering uploaded the video with the caption "Watch until the end LMFAO". Users reacted with anger, wondering why she recorded the poor puppy instead of helping it get the jar off its head.

Lauren issues apology after incident

After receiving tons of backlash, Kettering issued a public apology.

In a post to her Instagram story, Lauren wrote "I just wanted to say one last thing. the video of my dog was cut short, he sometimes puts his head in looking for treats for a few seconds, there's space for him to get out. I would never do anything bad to my dog, if you know me you know that. I am not an animal abuser."

In addition, she assured her fans that they are entitled to their own thoughts about the situation. She made sure to assert that she loves her animals and would never put them in harm's way.

Besides posting on her Instagram story, Kettering responded to the issue on a live stream. She admitted the situation was not funny, but, at the moment, she recorded it because the pup often would get his head stuck in things.

She assured fans that immediately after, her boyfriend helped the dog and got its head unstuck.

Some fans defended Kettering for her mistake. One user commented saying the video came across wrong, but Kettering most likely did not mean it to come across the way it was perceived.

Lauren Kettering has over 6 million followers on TikTok

Kettering is well known on the app, with millions of followers and over 300 million likes on her account. Despite the controversy after posting the now-deleted video, Kettering continues to post on her account.

Her most recent post features her and her boyfriend dancing with her dogs in the background.

She captioned the video tagging her boyfriend and writing "all my babies in 1 vid" accompanied by a brown heart emoji.

She has also posted videos featuring bright green makeup with a matching sweater, captioning "I have a lot of drafts from this day so imma post..."

People in the comments continue to question the incident.

Lauren liked comments on TikTok regarding certain news outlets dragging out the incident

One fan commented that certain news outlets were "exaggerating the situation", Kettering liked the comment.

Another fan commented asking what Lauren's dogs are named. Kettering responded saying the golden retriever is named Milo and the German Shepherd is named Rocky.