Crime in the San Francisco Bay Area is on the rise. So much so, that Inside Edition decided to report on the prevalence of "smash and grab" type robberies last week. Fox News reported that the team set off in search of crime. Apparently, they "baited" robbers by using tracking devices in a purse and a speaker worth $250.00.

In Inside Edition's YouTube coverage of their investigation, the narrator said they "wanted to see just how bad this nationwide problem is." They then parked their vehicle with the items inside and waited to see if anyone would rob them.

But things turned around as they were the victims of the same type of crime.

Inside Edition reporting team successfully catch a robber

The team investigating robbery were successful as they managed to catch a robber. Sure enough, soon after parking the car with the items inside, someone came along and smashed the back window. Unknown to them, they were stealing items with tracking devices, plus the car had hidden video cameras recording the theft. First, Fox notes, a man grabbed the purse and passed it to a woman. Then he took the speaker and they made off with the goods. Incredibly, it all happened in broad daylight in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can see in the video below, that the Inside Edition team were able to track them, confront them, and get it all on film.

Inside Edition's Lisa Guerrero approached them at a train station after tracking them using an app on their phone. She said to the guy, "You've got my speaker right there, you just broke into our car." The man grew a bit concerned when she told him that millions of people would see the footage. However, he refused to hand the speaker back.

At that point, he said he wanted to phone his Mom. Then he left the speaker on the ground and walked away.

Female robber accomplice discards stolen bag in a trash can

In the meantime, his female partner disappeared. Tracking with the GPS again, the Inside Edition team managed to find the purse discarded by the robber's accomplice in a trash can.

Next up, the team spoke to a local man who has surveillance cameras covering the area. He told them he sees that type of robbery going on "every single day." While Lisa Guerrero watched the action on the screen, he spotted another robbery happening.

Incredible as it may sound, it showed robbers robbing the robbery investigation team's vehicle. Shocked, Lisa explained they smashed the side and back windows and broke into the "crew truck." They got away with "thousands of dollars of equipment." As she noted, Inside Edition "got hit twice in one day."