Coronavirus has forced people to embrace the work from home culture. San Francisco Bay Area is toying with a proposal to continue with this employment mode even after the virus is overpowered. With fewer vehicles on the roads, greenhouse gas emissions are less and the environmental benefits. California wants to introduce this mode of working permanently. The Metropolitan Transportation Commission has approved the proposal but has to accept large tech firms' residents and employees. The proposal is a means to tackle climate change. Coronavirus has forced changes in how people travel because they had to ensure innumerable don'ts.

These helped to herald in a new era. It was of a world with lesser emission of greenhouse gas. The state wants the practice to carry on in the same vein keeping in mind the indirect benefits.

Daily Mail UK explains that the proposal highlights the need to shift towards remote work. It was a compulsion because of the nature of the virus and various dos and don'ts associated with it to ensure safety from infection. The pandemic struck the country in January, and by March, the modified lifestyle became the norm. It boiled down to avoiding physical contact with others and maintaining social distancing. The employers did not want any disruption in the flow of work. To ensure that, the employees would have to move out of the workplace and into their homes.

San Francisco wants to take advantage of the situation

The realization has set in among city officials and some employers that an overhaul of the work culture could infuse new life into the social system. Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, says – "There is an opportunity to do things that could not have been done in the past." She is a member of the commission and supports the move.

Incidentally, a recent study reveals the positives. It seems during April, the daily CO2 emissions reduced by 17 percent in the United States. This is a major achievement and has to be sustained. The commission's proposal is a part of a long-term plan that focuses on steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Incidentally, this area in California is in the news for various reasons.

In June 2017, there was news that Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay could become a cultural tourism hub. Later, in September 2018, robbers robbed a robbery reporting team in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Opinions of IT giants in the San Francisco Bay Area

Bay Area is home to Silicon Valley, and the IT giants have different opinions on working from home. Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Apple have setups there. Facebook looks at it as a long-term plan and a means to check the virus's spread. Its CEO announced that its employees would follow this plan until 2021. Twitter agrees. Its CEO indicated that the company would permit its employees to work from home permanently. As one of its officials said – "Opening offices will be our decision.

When and if our employees come back, will be theirs." However, Apple does not see eye to eye with this concept. It has invested heavily in infrastructure, and it is not eager to opt for remote work. There is a feeling that work from home lacks the advantage of specific employee interactions.

Pandemic life in the San Francisco Bay Area could become permanent

According to NBC News, the pandemic coronavirus compelled many companies to ask their employees to adopt the work from home culture. This was because of restrictions imposed by the authorities to check the spread of the disease. California plans to make this feature mandatory. There is a proposal for people of large companies to work from home three days a week.

The purpose would be to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from car commutes. The proposal is in its initial stages. There are diverse opinions on the subject. Some argue that work from home can apply to a certain type of job. Others mention the ripple effects on other businesses and organizations that rely on revenue from office workers. Implementation of the proposal would benefit society.