Donald Trump did not sign the 2015 Paris accord on climate change and US President-elect Joe Biden wants to make amends. He has assigned topmost priority to this issue and said there was "no time to waste." In the past four years, other countries have taken action to arrest climate change but the response of the United States has been negative. Biden wants to set things right and his team will evolve a plan to tackle the global issue. It could mean reversals in the policies of the Trump administration. The swearing in of the President would be on 20 January and his administration would reflect the thinking of the US.

In his words - "We're in a crisis. Just like we need to be a unified nation to respond to Covid-19, we need a unified national response to climate change."

The BBC says Joe Biden indicated his willingness to re-join the Paris climate agreement once he takes over the reins. He would break away from the climate policy of the Trump administration and put America back in the saddle as a leader to combat climate change. The US formally withdrew from the Paris agreement which envisages putting a limit on the global temperature rise because it is detrimental to the well-being of the world.

The team to tackle climate change

Weather is unpredictable but climate change aggravates the situation. It is necessary that the world realizes the effects of global warming and takes action to arrest climate change.

Greenhouse gases are responsible for the rise in temperatures. These result in irregular patterns of rainfall with possibilities of drought. That has a cascading effect in the form of wildfires that destroy the greenery and habitats of wildlife and humans. In the opinion of experts, global warming is a factor for increase in incidents of storms, hurricanes, typhoons and wildfires.

These lead to loss of infrastructure and in some cases, lives. Climate change could give rise to irreversible ecological ruin. The BBC goes on to add that Joe Biden has selected his climate and energy team to represent the subject and describes the combination as "brilliant, qualified and tested, and barrier-busting."

Fighting climate change would be the focus

The environment bears the brunt of the attack unleashed by climate change.

Melting of icebergs and glaciers from the poles is another fallout of global warming. The melting raises the sea level and disturbs the lives of those residing in coastal regions. Recently there was news that climate change is a threat to mountain hares of Scotland. While wildfires destroy some parts of the world, rise in sea level inundates areas in the coast and forces people to relocate. In order to check these occurrences, the Paris accord on climate change emerged. Many countries went in for alternatives to fossil fuels and began manufacture of electric vehicles. Replacing fossil fuels by Renewable Energy like electricity and solar power can reduce the greenhouse gas effect and arrest climate change The BBC says Biden has earmarked members of his climate team with care.

He identified John Kerry as his climate envoy. Kerry, a former US Secretary of State, is one of the leading architects of the Pairs agreement. In January climate activist Greta Thunberg spoke on the issue at the Davos summit.

The ambitious climate plan of Joe Biden

According to CNN, President-elect Joe Biden wants to end carbon emissions from power plants by 2035. His proposals include broader public investment in green infrastructure. It would take into account adequate funds to cater to clean energy projects. He mentioned about employment opportunities in various areas. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris was on the same frequency. She praised members of the team. She said - "Our climate crisis is not a partisan issue, and it is not a hoax. It is an existential threat to all of us.” in her words, a section of the people face risks from polluted air, polluted water, and a failing infrastructure. These have to be set right.