Heavy rains led to floods in Northamptonshire, and people in a caravan park had no other alternative but to leave the area. The authorities deployed emergency services to evacuate them from the danger zone. It all happened in the Billing Aquadrome holiday park on Christmas Eve, and the situation arose from the heavy rainfall in the region. The festive mood changed into one of anxiety as the people had to be relocated. Some of them chose to move in with their families. The Northamptonshire Police chipped in with two leisure centers in the vicinity to accommodate the evacuees.

They also made arrangements for several hotel rooms to provide accommodation at short notice. It was an emergency requiring swift action, and all the agencies rose to the task as one.

Sky News mentions a charity that had rescued many people from different situations. They extended help to some adults who were stuck in a vehicle partially submerged in a ditch. They also helped to rescue a new mother and her baby. In short, everyone contributed to easing the sufferings of those trapped in the floods by extending humanitarian assistance.

The Billing Aquadrome floods

Residents of the area said that the floods were in an area known as Canada Drive in the park. It is close to the River Nene. After the water level began to rise, Billing Aquadrome advised residents to vacate their homes as a precautionary measure.

In a statement, it said - "Park staff are doing everything that they can to aid and assist all holiday homeowners during this unbelievably difficult time." Sky News adds that the level of water in a portion of the park was knee-high. It posed problems for elderly people.

Christmas mood has gone for a toss because of floods

The floods upset the Christmas mood of the residents.

While urging people to leave the area, the authorities assured that those who breach COVID-19 regulations would not be penalized because these are exceptional circumstances. However, they should avoid going to homes where people might be shielding against the disease or self-isolating themselves due to the pandemic. It is a highly contagious disease, and precautions are necessary to ensure safety.

Sky News describes the holiday park as a massive affair spread over 235 acres in the Nene Valley. It has a number of mobile homes and lodges and is open 11 months of the year. In February, floods in New Zealand left hundreds of tourists stranded.

Floods in a holiday park

According to The BBC, heavy rain left water up to 5ft deep in Northampton's Billing Aquadrome park. As a result, the authorities evacuated more than 1,000 people from the area. They occupied nearly 500 caravans, and the floods left them at the mercy of the elements. Police, assisted by firefighters and search and rescue teams, came in to render assistance. It seems some of those stranded were suffering from hypothermia. To meet the crisis, at least two leisure centers in Northampton were converted into emergency accommodation.

An official of Northamptonshire Police said - "This is an exceptionally challenging situation." He added that emergency services were working with partners and volunteers to resolve the situation and safeguard those affected on site. The police also cautioned that temperatures in the area could go below freezing point, and the water level could keep rising for some more time. Hence, people have to tread with caution. Billing Aquadrome works on an 11-month season, and in November 2012, there was a similar evacuation situation due to flooding. In August 2018, flash floods on the East Coast led to residents' evacuation and roads' closure with consequent disruption in Travel plans.