Fans of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are worried about the future prospects of the couple. They stepped down as senior royals and left Britain to explore options of becoming financially independent. Right now, they are in America after a brief stint in Canada. They drew up a few strategies and set the ball rolling but Coronavirus spoiled the show. It has become a major hurdle because the disease has restricted free movement. People have to either remain locked up indoors or follow guidelines like donning masks, maintain social distancing, and follow strict personal hygiene.

Express UK brings up the point of the earnings by Harry and Meghan since they began their journey to attain financial independence. As royal expert Katie Nicholl told a media outlet: "They do need to make money. They've been in LA since March, they left the Royal Family at the end of March, and as yet, they haven't actually earned anything." A very proper observation but they had not reckoned with the changed circumstances. The lockdown has disturbed their plans but Harry and Meghan signed up with the Harry Walker Agency for speaking assignments.

The firm represents several Celebrities including the Obamas and this collaboration of Harry and Meghan could turn out to be a lucrative venture.

Archewell charity is on Harry and Meghan’s agenda

Both Harry and Meghan are involved in different charities. They want to launch the Archewell charity, named after their son Archie.

The two of them are working behind the scenes to remain occupied during the lockdown.

Express UK brings up the topic of the tragic incident of George Floyd. He died at the hands of the police in Minneapolis on May 25.

The death led to protests that spilled into neighboring areas and even went global. Harry and Meghan decided to pursue the case of racial inequality and joined the Black Lives Matter movement. In order to understand the subject better, they interacted with knowledgeable persons. They wanted to help.

Meghan and Harry hate to be idle

Meghan took the opportunity of lockdown to deliver a raw speech to the graduating class of 2020 at Immaculate Heart. This was where she had studied. She recalled the memories of the 1992 LA riots. She was in her pre-teen years at the time and recalls that a senseless act of racism triggered the riots. Express UK quotes Meghan saying, "I am so sorry that you have to grow up in a world where this is still present.”

Harry also dwelt on the subject of institutional racism.

He mentioned this in a video recorded for the virtual Diana Awards. His words were: "My wife said recently that our generation and the ones before us haven't done enough to right the wrongs of the past. I, too, am sorry — sorry that we haven't got the world to a place you deserve it to be.” In his opinion, the intention should be to create a better world for all.

Coronavirus has upset plans of Harry and Meghan

According to Daily Mail UK, the coronavirus pandemic has hampered the initiatives of Harry and Meghan. It forced them to suspend their house-hunting activities. They are in America and realize that their projects will have to wait for the situation to improve. One of these is charity Archewell that Harry and Meghan have postponed to next year.

It had some issues regarding the trademark. The focus of the couple is on wellness that would cover mental health, the environment, and female empowerment. Meghan wants to publish a children's book based on the adventures of her rescue dog, Guy. That is also on hold. Both Harry and Meghan are young determined individuals and have seen life from close quarters. They love challenges, have set for themselves certain targets, and should not have any difficulty in meeting them in time.