The island of Puerto Rico is an attractive destination for international Travel bugs. It will open its doors to travelers on July 15 with a few guidelines that tourists must adhere to. There is no restriction on who can enter but the authorities have mentioned some measures to ensure the safety of all concerned. The Coronavirus pandemic surfaced in February in Wuhan, a city in China, and has taken a heavy toll of lives all over the world. There is no known vaccine and the only safety lies in wearing masks and maintaining a safe distance from those around you.

The Points Guy talks about the proposed directives. Once visitors arrive in Puerto Rico, they will have to go through a health screening routine. They must produce a negative COVID-19 test result produced within 72 hours of arrival. If they are not in possession of a negative test result, they will have to undergo on-site testing. If someone tests positive, they will have to remain in quarantine for a fixed number of days. Refusal to be tested would mean 14 days of quarantine. Those who provide transport to tourists must mandatorily adhere to standard precautions like disinfecting their vehicles, wearing protective gear like masks and gloves, and provide hand sanitizer to passengers.

Strict guidelines evolved by Puerto Rico

The authorities in Puerto Rico are not taking any chances. They have issued strict guidelines that must be followed by one and all. Experts have laid down these guidelines and they involve cleanliness of a high order. In the absence of a vaccine, that is the best one can do to ward off the infection.

Tourism is a business and it cannot remain idle indefinitely. Obviously, the owners work out revival plans and reopen the facilities to attract visitors.

The Points Guy says hotels will limit capacity at pools to 50 percent. Fitness centers and spas will reopen and operate at 50 percent capacity. This would be in keeping with the norms of social distancing meant to avoid crowding.

Temperature checks will continue and anyone who has higher than permissible temperature will be denied entry. For the foodies, there will not be any buffets and restaurant staff wearing gloves and masks will serve the meals. As far as shopping malls go, they will be accessible via appointment only. There are no plans announced yet for the reopening of casinos and playgrounds.

Tourism is important for Puerto Rico

According to CNN, Gov. Wanda Vázquez Garced said, "I want Puerto Ricans living in the US mainland to safely come to our island and visit their family members without fear of spreading this virus or infecting a loved one. I want tourists and everyone visiting Puerto Rico to feel safe." She wants to revive the tourism potential which suffered because of coronavirus and consequent loss of visitors.

In order to ensure their safety as well as the safety of locals, the administration has laid down certain rules related to the pandemic. Some people could be exempt like those associated with flying, or the military or federal agents etcetera. The intention is to reopen the economy and simultaneously avoid the spread of this virus.

Puerto Rico is in the recovery mode

Hurricane Maria struck the island in 2017. There was unbelievable devastation and loss of lives and properties. Many residents fled to mainland USA and Puerto Rico faced a humanitarian crisis after the hurricane. It left the island in darkness because of major damage to its electrical grid. The blackout days haunted Puerto Rico even after a year. Right now, its problem is the coronavirus and since the island is a major travel destination, the authorities want to promote tourism and bring back the tourists.