“Suits” actor Meghan Markle and the Apache helicopter pilot Prince Harry bid goodbye to royal duties and are now in Los Angeles. They are a family of three with their son Archie and are determined to make a success of the new life they chose. It will be devoid of the frills of the British royalty and they want to bring Archie up as a common citizen. Meghan has acting in her blood and she set the ball rolling, as the saying goes. She useful contacts in the movie world which could make a big difference to her future. Meghan has already made a start in this direction.

She is the voiceover in the Disney Plus documentary “Elephant.” The documentary is about the journey of a herd of elephants in search of water.

Express UK says Prince Harry is also toying with a few ideas. He had spoken at a private JP Morgan event earlier this year. He is interested in producing a mini-series on the subject of mental health. The name of Oprah Winfrey has come up in this context. Meghan and Harry are young and have seen life from close quarters. They want to be financially independent and being in a city like Los Angeles could help them explore a variety of options.

Meghan, Harry, and the British royal family

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been in the royal headlines ever since they declared their intention to break free. That was in January. There was a feeling that the couple could do something that might affect the image of the monarchy. However, such thoughts could be the figments of one's imagination.

Express UK quotes a staff writer of a media outlet saying that in her opinion the couple had “overplayed their hand” for several reasons. The writer explains that the future of Meghan and Harry is uncertain.

They have the appeal and glamor and Hollywood would love to have them in their midst. However, it may not last. She goes on to add that as the children of Prince William grow up, the focus would shift to them. They are above Harry in the line of succession and he and Meghan are aware of the future scenario. It is, therefore, necessary for them to create a new identity. The Queen has already stopped them from using the HRH titles as also the trade name Sussex Royal. Obviously, they will have to dream up some other platform.

New charity Archewell of Meghan and Harry

According to Fox News, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have ended their duties as senior members of the royal family on March 31. The couple is now in Los Angeles, Meghan's hometown.

Charity work is a culture of the royal family. Meghan had once indicated that empowering women was her mission in life. She and Harry have plans for a new charity but it appears to be in trouble even before its launch. Its name is Archewell and they confirmed that it would be in the category of a non-profit charity. They had only indicated it as a part of their plan, which would happen after the end of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In their words: it will come "when the time is right." They made the announcement in good faith but committed a mistake by not registering the domain name. Mischief-mongers seize such opportunities and one of them created an URL of an imaginary entity with a similar sounding name.

It redirected visitors to a YouTube video. The website no longer exists but it did create an embarrassing situation. Incidentally, the charities Meghan and Harry pursue are different from those of Kate and William.

Meghan and Harry on mission rebuilding

Life, which was on the fast track, has slowed down for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. They chose to move away from the pomp and glitter of the British royal family and be financially independent. Their full attention is on son Archie and his well-being. They are now in America and have done some groundwork that should pay rich dividends. Both are confident of making it big.