Cancellation of yet another popular festival is proof of the powers of Coronavirus that has its origin in China and has turned the world topsy-turvy. The ax has now fallen on the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival to be held in California. Its original date was April 2020 but the organizers shifted it to October expecting the situation to improve.

However, the authorities have announced that the festival will not take place in 2020. The disease is contagious and the medics advise the people to avoid any physical contact with unknown persons.

That has brought in a new concept of social distancing. The result is empty movie halls, stadiums, and venues of entertainment. Japan canceled its cherry blossom flower show due to coronavirus.

Los Angeles Times says public health officer Dr. Cameron Kaiser of the Riverside County said that in view of the risks associated with the ongoing pandemic, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2020 stands canceled.

It is a two-weekend festival (along with its Country Music counterpart Stagecoach) and would be a disappointment for the fans.

Big names were supposed to be on the stage. Some of them were Rage Against the Machine, Frank Ocean and Travis Scott. They would have appeared at the Empire Polo Grounds this Oct. 9. However, that is not happening.

Coronavirus is a matter of concern

Dr. Cameron Kaiser reminded the people that his first priority is the health of the community. He was all praises for Goldenvoice, the promoter of the festivals, for the efforts it is taking to protect the health of concertgoers. Kaiser expressed his concerns and dropped hints that the pandemic could worsen in fall.

He went on to add that decisions pertaining to the cancelation of such events take into consideration the number of people who could be affected.

The festival began in 1999 and after a gap of one year in 2000, it returned and has been an annual event ever since. The current year 2020 will be the first year minus a Coachella.

Los Angeles Times mentions about the loss to the tourism and hospitality industries of the Coachella Valley. The festival is of six days duration spread over two consecutive weekends.

Thousands of fans arrive to be a part of the festivities. However, coronavirus has applied the brakes. Goldenvoice is the promoter of Coachella and this festival is deemed to be the most profitable music fest in America. Fans can take consolation from the fact that coronavirus has forced the cancellation of other festivals like the Appleby Horse Fair 2020.

It was a tough decision and related to coronavirus

Canceling a festival of this magnitude was not an easy decision. AEG is the parent firm of Goldenvoice. Los Angeles Times quotes AEG chief executive Dan Beckerman saying - “It is clear now that live events with fans will not resume for many months and likely not until sometime in 2021, so we are faced with no easy options.” It has announced layoffs, furloughs, and pay cuts across all its divisions that cover music, sports, and facilities.

According to the guidelines issued by California Gov. Gavin Newsom for reopening of the state, music festivals and other gatherings are not in the list of priorities.

Other festivals also hit by the coronavirus bomb

According to Sky News, the Coachella and Stagecoach music festivals in California is not the only such event bombed by a coronavirus. Names like Carrie Underwood and Billy Ray Cyrus were scheduled to perform in the country music festival. Austria banned all outdoor events above 500 people the result is the cancellation of the annual alpine music festival in the town of Mayrhofen. Glastonbury is another casualty. It attracts upwards of 200,000 people and had to cancel its 50th-anniversary celebrations this year. Travel restrictions and the ban on mass gatherings have taken a heavy toll on both tourism and entertainment industries.