The Royal couple of Britain is on their own, trying to find a foothold in Los Angeles. They are Meghan Markle and Harry. After leaving Britain, they had a brief stint in Canada and are now in America. They can see the world around them changing and the couple realizes that they have to also embrace changes to keep pace with the surroundings.

Therefore, they took a decision to delay the launch of the Archewell foundation. In March, they had announced plans to launch it later this year but that is not likely to happen. It is shifted to the back burner and will have to wait until 2021.

They have reassigned their priorities. They feel at this juncture an issue like the Black Lives Matter movement is more important as well as extending support to those affected by the Coronavirus. Hence, they have changed tracks.

The Sun UK quotes a source saying, "They are settling into a new life, a new era. This is about getting it right and making sure they are able to make the difference they want to make." In other words, the launch of the Archewell foundation will take place when the time is ripe.

Instead, Meghan and Harry would attend to more relevant topics of today. Both of them are adults who have seen the world from close quarters. They want to live a life of their own and have the freedom to reassign priorities.

Meghan is serious about the Black Lives Matter movement

The couple is now in Los Angeles and Meghan sent a message to her former school in the city on the subject of Black Lives Matter.

Her school was the Immaculate Heart and the message pertained to the brutal killing of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer. The death led to protests across America and it spilled over to other countries.

The Sun UK says Meghan appeared on a video call from her home and expressed her feelings to the students. She said – George’s “life mattered.” She had a lot to say on the subject when Meghan Markle spoke up for Black Lives Matter.

She and Harry had even discussed the subject with community leaders. The intention was to prepare strategies on how best to help the BLM movement.

Coronavirus disrupts the journey of Meghan and Harry

The Sun UK mentions about their donation in April to a charity related to the coronavirus crisis. It was a handsome amount generated from their wedding broadcast and the charity was Feeding Britain.

As far as Archewell foundation goes, it has many ambitious plans lined up. These would deal with topics like “emotional counseling” and “coordinating social, personal care, and psychological services.” Harry is from the British royal family and Meghan is an American actor who entered the family as his wife after their wedding.

However, they have left their royal duties and are in search of financial independence. Both have many Celebrities in their circle of friends and they had drawn up plans.

Some have been implemented like the voiceover of Meghan in a Disney movie. However, coronavirus has applied the brake and thrown life into chaos. The couple is now waiting for the phase to pass. Both are in their 30s and can afford to wait.

Archewell gets lesser priority in Meghan and Harry’s plans

According to Harper’s Bazaar, it was in April 2020 that Meghan Markle and Harry announced their new nonprofit organization called Archewell.

It was a name inspired by their son Archie.

However, the couple is now in Los Angeles and situations have changed. That has led them to reallot priorities because they feel the Black Lives Matter movement and tackling the COVID-19 pandemic is more important. These are some current issues hurting society. As a result, there may not be any official Archewell projects until next year.