The ax of Coronavirus has fallen on Appleby Horse Fair 2020 and it stands canceled. It is an event that gypsies look forward to every year. They arrive with their horses and buggies and enjoy the festive mood. It has been going on for many years and this year will be the second time that it will not be held. So, it deprives the gypsies and the locals of a few moments of memorable experiences. The reason is the fear of the pandemic coronavirus that originated in China and has taken a heavy toll of lives all over the world. However, many enthusiasts ignored the advice of the police and landed up at the venue.

It has gotten the locals worried because the newcomers did not go through any checks. That added to the danger level. One of the residents mentioned that the gypsy caravans would always be on the move in the town.

Daily Mail UK says the locals were worried about the elderly people who resided in the area. These people are vulnerable to coronavirus and the gypsy community should have respected the sentiments of others. There was a general feeling that the police turned a blind eye even when the gypsies were riding their horses up and down the thoroughfare.

Cancellation of the fair was because of coronavirus

Billy Welch, a gypsy leader, informed his people in advance about the cancellation this year. He advised the families to stay away. He is the Shera Rom or Head Gypsy. He explained that the current situation with regard to Covid-19 is a matter of worry. He also stressed the point that it would not be right to put members of gypsy families or those of the locals in danger.

This is because of the nature of the disease.

Daily Mail UK goes on to add that a spokesman for Cumbria Police admitted that they had knowledge about the visitors and feel a bit sad they had to leave.

It seems there were discussions between both sides and the situation was resolved. This is a major annual event for Appleby and thousands of gypsies come to attend with their caravans. They want to use the occasion to show off their horses and caravans. The visitors, on their part, come to watch the trading of horses and enjoy the festive mood and the scenery. Owners usually wash their mounts in the River Eden before bringing them center stage.

Another event canceled due to coronavirus

According to The Sun UK, the Appleby Horse Fair 2020 was canceled due to coronavirus. It is the second cancellation in its history of two and a half centuries. The first time it was in 2001, during the foot and mouth outbreak.

This fair is an annual event where gypsies from across Britain arrive with their horses. However, there are restrictions imposed on mass gatherings during the current lockdown.

Billy Welch, an official of the coordinating group, announced earlier this year about the cancellation in view of government guidelines on mass gatherings. It was a disappointment for not only the gypsy community but also for the local economy. This event in Appleby-in-Westmoreland is an annual affair and the largest gathering of Gypsies and travelers in Europe.

Coronavirus affects the entertainment industry and tourism

The coronavirus is highly contagious. A vaccine for it is under development and scientists are trying to come up with a remedy.

Until that happens, life will continue to remain in disarray. Japan had to cancel its major cherry blossom festivals due to coronavirus. The movie world also saw upsets. Sony, Disney, and Warner Bros shifted the release dates of its films due to coronavirus. There was also postponement of the release of the James Bond movie 'No Time to Die.'