Coronavirus is a major threat to global business, especially in the tourism sector. Italy has gone in for total lockdown and tourists are in a fix. They are not sure about their future line of action. The government of Australia advised its people to avoid Travel to a number of regions and said they should reconsider the decision to travel to the country. The situation in the country is tense. Educational institutions are closed, and there are no public gatherings or sports activities. Airports are functioning but would-be travelers should note that there could be travel disruptions.

News AU says the death toll jumped by 97 in a single day. That led Giuseppe Conte, Prime Minister of Italy, to make an announcement regarding the expansion of travel restrictions. It would cover the whole country and its purpose would be to ensure that the coronavirus does not spread. It is an unprecedented peacetime move. He made it clear that every person must have a valid reason to travel out of his or her normal place of residence. However, it leaves a huge question mark over the fate of millions of holidaymakers in the country. They go every year to visit museums and archaeological sites and enjoy the offerings of a new culture.

Italy not taking any chances with coronavirus

The tourist haven of Italy seems to follow the logic of better safe than sorry.

It is aware of losses to the tourism industry but in a situation of this nature, the government treads cautiously because innocent lives are at stake. The origin of coronavirus COVID-19 was in China and the death toll continues to rise every day all over the world. Efforts are on to come up with a cure and until that happens; people try and take necessary precautions.

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Most of these relate to personal hygiene like frequent washing of hands and maintaining a safe distance from those who are infected.

News AU mentions that the current Italian death toll is 463, the most of any country outside of China according to CNN.Obviously, the authorities in Italy are worried.

They have taken some positive action. First is the closure of museums and archaeological sites. Next, is the closure of all eating joints at dusk. The third is a ban on ski lifts. There are other restrictions imposed on sporting events and these bans will be in force until April 3, 2020. Those who violate the ban orders would face punishment that could be either monetary or even result in a prison sentence.

Coronavirus has infected thousands

According to CNN, the coronavirus or COVID-19, has infected thousands of people all over the world with maximum deaths reported from mainland China. The outbreak emerged there and the rate of infection in that country is on the decline but it continues to keep the people on their toes.

In order to boost the confidence level of his people, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Wuhan where COVID-19 first appeared. South Korea also reports a slowdown in new incidents of infection. However, there is apparent panic in the Western nations.

States in the United States have declared emergencies. In Europe, Italy has placed the country on lockdown. It has deployed military police, railway police, and health workers to ensure compliance. Germany has seen a spike in the number of cases.

Incidentally, Japan canceled major cherry blossom festivals due to coronavirus. It had an impact on tourism.

Origin of coronavirus was in China

The disease has taken a heavy toll on not only lives but also on businesses. One of the worst-hit is the travel industry. People are advised to work from home and not venture out of doors. There is a disruption in the movement of people and material with instances of the quarantine of passengers in cruise ships. The net result is a condition in many places, where solutions are being tried in an attempt to contain the virus.