The deadly outbreak of coronavirus has left airlines, cruise operators and Travel companies at the receiving end because of cancellations and lost bookings. Their losses are mounting with no solution in sight. Cruise firms have had to cancel dozens of voyages to locations in the Far East. Airlines had to resort to cancellation of innumerable flights ever since the news of the virus broke. There has also been less number of shipping containers leaving china. This could mean global shortage of Chinese goods in the international markets. Simultaneously, perishable foods are perishing in the seas because the ships are unable to dock in Chinese ports due to shortage of berths.

The sum total is total chaos as business tries to come to terms with the unprecedented situation. With restrictions on movement of people for fear of transmitting the virus to others, it is necessary to find a remedy on priority.

Daily Mail UK provides a glimpse in to other countries. Coronavirus has taken more than 2500 lives, and infected thousands. South Korea reports about an increase in the number of new cases. It has more than doubled within one day, which is a matter of concern. The first deaths from Italy are of two pensioners who succumbed to the disease.

Neither of them had traveled to China. This raises doubts that the virus could spiral out of control. The authorities have ordered lockdown in ten towns in Lombardy and Veneto asking them not to venture outdoors. Wuhan, China, first reported this disease on 31 December 2019.

Coronavirus will cost cruise firms millions

Cruise operators are badly affected.

Carnival Cruises is one of the largest in the industry. It warns the coronavirus outbreak will mean loss in millions. As a precautionary measure, it has already announced cancellation of all of its Costa Cruises ships until mid-March. It is rerouting its other boats to alternate destinations in order to avoid Chinese ports.

In case the virus is not contained on priority, it could face heavy losses in its Asia operations. Norwegian Cruise Line, another major cruise operator has cancelled or amended 40 sailings until late summer.

Daily Mail UK mentions about the plight of 32 British and European passengers. They were in virus-riddled Diamond Princess Cruise liner off the coast of Japan. After spending two weeks trapped in the liner, they landed back in Britain. It will now be two more weeks in quarantine for them.

One British couple contracted coronavirus on the ship. They have both developed pneumonia and are in a Japanese hospital.

Airlines will lose revenue due to coronavirus

According to The New York Times, the coronavirus outbreak has affected the global economy, played havoc with supply chains, and hurt business in practically every industry. There will be a drop in airline revenue. China auto sales have also taken a beating and there is disruption in supply of products supplied by China. The International Air Transport Association has cautioned global carriers to be prepared for losses in view of the collapse of travel in Asia. Some international airlines are aware of this scenario and they are taking action to minimize losses.

The origin of the coronavirus disease is in China and it has already taken is taken many lives in the country and elsewhere. It has to be contained at the earliest.

Remedy and antidote for coronavirus

The disease has been raging for nearly two months and those suspected of having contracted it are isolated and quarantined for a specific period. The medical staff wear masks and use gloves to avoid direct contact with otherrs. People in different parts of China are urged to remain indoors and work from home. Instead of such piecemeal action, someone should come up with a permanent solution.