It was a lucky break for families of the Welsh Guards, Coldstream Guards and Household Cavalry when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited them. It was a regular coffee morning at the Community Centre of an Army housing estate and the visit came as a surprise. While interacting with the families, the Duchess revealed some tidbits about baby Archie. He has traveled to Africa, is six months old and he has reached the crawling stage. Meghan Markle was excited like any new mother and she went on to add he has two teeth.

The Sun UK says the Duchess talked with other mothers and one of them said that talking with the Duchess of Sussex was like “talking to a friend.” Meghan has a charm of her own and in no time, she won over the mothers and their children.

Prince Harry, on his part, showered praises on the women who had to maintain a home life when their partners have to leave on operations. He sympathized with those men who are unable to be a part of the growing up process of their children. Incidentally, most of the Coldstream Guards were in Kenya attending to some exercise. As for the Welsh Guards, they were in the Falklands and will be returning soon.

Such visits help in better bonding

Prince Harry is not new to life in the Army. He served for 10 years as an Army officer and appreciated the way military families hold things together back home.

He respected and admired them. As for the families, they loved the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and said they were down to earth people who were able to interact with people from different backgrounds. That will help them to form an idea of the entire community. Moreover, being young parents, they could relate easily with the families and that led to better bonding.

The Sun UK quotes the wife of Welsh Guards Commanding Officer as saying “the visit will help families to make new friends.” She was all praises for Harry and Meghan and appreciated their approach.

They shook hands with every single person who will cherish the memory forever.

The visit was a welcome change

According to People, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry dropped in on some of their neighbors to enjoy an unexpected cup of coffee. They were members of military families who stayed at the Broom Farm Community Centre in Windsor. This is not far from the royal couple’s Frogmore Cottage home which is also in Windsor. Meghan is a new mother. She did not lose the opportunity of discussing with other mothers about aspects related to the growing up of baby Archie, especially his sleep patterns, teething, and crawling. One of the mothers likened Meghan to a normal mum and said she could make others feel at ease. As for Harry, he was a former Army captain and could understand the feelings of the families when the head was away on duty and they had to fend for themselves.