The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have returned from their trip abroad. They had been to Africa. It is now the turn of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to proceed to Pakistan on their tour of another Commonwealth country. It will be the couple’s first visit to the country and tentative dates are between October 14 and 18. They will have to carry forward the historical relationship that exists between the UK and Pakistan. Last time the royal family visited Pakistan was in 2006 when Prince Charles and Camilla went.

However, the trip by Kate Middleton and Prince William could face a number of issues related to security.

One of the reasons for the visit could probably be because the Queen wants Commonwealth countries to know and become comfortable with the next generation of royals. The Sun UK says the tour of Kate and William could face some security issues and, their itinerary is a closely guarded secret. Their communications said: “This is the most complex tour undertaken by The Duke and Duchess to date, given the logistical and security considerations.”

Broad outline of the visit

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will take a flight to Islamabad.

They will be there on October 14 and return to the UK on October 18. There is no information on whether their children will accompany them. The royal couple would cover a distance of approximately 620 miles (1000km) and participate in several engagements to “absorb Pakistan’s rich culture.” A statement from the palace says Kate and William will focus their attention on the changing face of the country, which depicts its dynamism.

The Sun UK confirms that keeping security concerns in mind, details of the itinerary will be communicated on a daily basis.

A royal expert cautions that strict security arrangements will be necessary, or else the tour could be called off. He explained about growing tensions in the region and the possibility of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) taking a decision to cancel the tour. The expert went on to add that sensitivity in the sub-continent stems from the fact that both India and Pakistan were former British colonies.

Climate change will be on their agenda

According to Express UK, the Duke and Duchess will visit Islamabad and Lahore during their tour of Pakistan. Climate change will be on their on their agenda. The royals plan to spend time with young Pakistanis to learn more about their future aspirations, especially in relation to climate change.

This, in the opinion of Kate and William, is an area to focus upon. They want to know first-hand from them on how climate change issues are affecting Pakistan and our world, and the roadmap on how to tackle these challenges. The royal couple will also engage with the youth to discuss subjects like “access to quality education, particularly for girls and young women. This is one of the UK’s top priorities in Pakistan.

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