Hear ye! Hear ye! The British monarchy will reportedly have new successors soon. Well, latest rumors have it that Queen Elizabeth II has passed on the responsibilities to Prince William and Kate Middleton as the kingdom’s next King and Queen.

The latest claims, however, were not the first time for the British royal family. In fact, there were also similar rumors that emerged in 2016, with Latin Post claiming that the Queen had already chosen Duchess Kate to be England’s future Queen instead of Camilla Parker-Bowles.

At the time, the publication reported that royal insiders also claimed that the Duchess of Cornwall even verbally assaulted Prince Charles because of allowing his son to take the throne as the future King.

The reports emerged amid the Queen’s 90th birthday last year.

Future King and Queen of England

As for the latest reports, Life & Style magazine (via Closer Weekly) claimed that the Duchess of Cambridge is apparently worried to assume the responsibilities of a Queen. Sources told the publication that the 35-year-old Duchess is concerned over the effects their new roles might bring to their two children — 4-year-old Prince George and 2-year-old Princess Charlotte.

The report also cited Kate’s desires to be a “hands-on” mother and to maintain a “low profile.” As for the reason why Queen Elizabeth II ditched her son's birthright to the throne, royal experts said that the 91-year-old British monarch believes that the “younger generation” is the most deserving to be the kingdom’s future rulers.

Brits prefer William over Prince Charles

After the rumors regarding England’s future King and Queen ran rampant on early Thursday, a survey reportedly revealed that most of the British population (51 percent) prefer Prince William as the next King rather than his father, Prince Charles.

According to The Sun, only 22 percent of the respondents wanted the Duke of Cornwall to be the Queen’s successor, while 36 percent wanted Duchess Camilla to be a Princess Consort and not as the Queen when the Duke of Cornwall takes the throne.

Could the Duke of Cambridge take over the throne?

Meanwhile, royal fanatics are definitely wondering if the Duke of Cambridge could really take the crown.

Since William is the next direct Protestant descendant, he has the right to assume the throne if ever the Duke of Cornwall wants to step aside, Vogue noted. This is based on the 1701 Act of Settlement, which says that the successor must be the “direct Protestant descendant” of the British monarch.

Despite the rumors, there are some sources claiming that the Queen sees her first-born son Charles as the rightful heir to the British throne. In fact, Charles has reportedly upheld his royal responsibilities in recent years, citing the recent announcement from the Buckingham Palace that Charles will represent the Queen at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

The possibility, however, also remains that Prince Charles might pass on the throne to his first-born son. The reasons? Well, Charles’ approval rating is low, thanks to the negative press and considering his age of 68, he’ll be the oldest king to inherit the throne.