It was a miraculous escape for a family from Morro Bay, California. They hit upon a unique Travel plan, decided to spend a weekend among nature and go backpacking on the Arroyo Seco River. However, it was not plain sailing and they got stranded. In desperation, they decided to send out a message in a bottle and hoped someone would receive it and arrange to send help. Fortunately, their plan succeeded and help arrived in the form of a helicopter belonging to the California Highway Patrol. The family was relieved to hear someone say over the loudspeaker, "This is Search and Rescue. You have been found."

CNN says the leader of the Hiking team was Curtis Whitson.

He was knowledgeable about the territory and aware of the risks involved in the region full of canyons. The Arroyo Seco River runs through the central California coastal forest and Whitson has been handling backpacking trips to the area each summer. However, he never expected to get stranded with his own family. Luckily, they came across a water bottle with a durable plastic exterior that played a vital part in their rescue.

It was all about a message in a bottle

Curtis Whitson and his family wanted to enjoy backpacking on the Arroyo Seco River. There was no problem for two and a half days. They had plenty of equipment, which is normal for outings of this nature. Their plan was to reach the narrows surrounded by steep rocks on either side.

Once there, they would allow nature to take over and float through the water to shoot down the waterfall. That would leave them with a couple of miles to arrive at their campground. However, things did not happen that way.

CNN describes their predicament. They discovered the water currents were too strong and tried to find a way out when suddenly they heard voices on the other side.

That spurred them into action and after failing to attract attention they saw the bottle. They carved 'HELP' on the outside, put a message inside and tossed it over the waterfall. Whitson was lucky because two other hikers downstream saw the bottle. They informed the authorities about the SOS message and the rescue team arrived.

If they had missed the bottle, the ending might have been different. Whitson is now trying to locate the Good Samaritans to thank them.

Good Samaritans saved the day

According to the BBC, a family of three got stuck on a raging waterfall when on a backpacking trip in central California. The wanted to follow the Arroyo Seco River through a canyon to reach the waterfall, shimmy down a rope and return to a campsite. However, on the third day, they found themselves stranded and had to find an escape route. They innovated and sent an SOS message in a bottle down the river. A couple of hikers saw the bottle approximately a quarter-mile down-river, raised the alarm and ensured prompt rescue. Those who undertake outdoor adventures like hiking sometimes face a worst-case scenario.

Good Samaritans may not always be around to save the day.

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