Meghan Markle, “The Suits” actress who married Prince Harry and entered the British royal family hates to sit idle. Her entry brought about a sea change in the lives of many but she remained unperturbed and went ahead with her activities. Meghan is now the Duchess of Sussex and she made public appearances at important events to win the hearts of people she met. She loves to write, had a blog of her own before marriage, and was involved with the women of Grenfell Towers. The subject was a cookbook “Together” and she wrote its foreword.

Town and Country Mag says recently, she guest-edited an issue of the fashion magazine “Vogue” and now wants to write for children.

The Book will be about dogs. Meghan is an animal lover and adores them. She has two of them right now. One is a rescue beagle while the other is a female Labrador retriever.

Her choice of subject is meaningful

If Meghan really writes, she will not be the only member of the royal family in this field. Her father-in-law Prince Charles wrote one, as did Sarah Ferguson. For Meghan, it will be the second book contribution since her marriage to Prince Harry. Town and Country Mag reveals that she wrote the foreword for a charity cookbook. It was to raise money for a community kitchen in London.

She is now a mother and it is but natural that she writes a story on dogs because they are man’s best friend. Meghan has come from a different country and has a different cultural background. She has seen life from close quarters. However, she has merged into a new lifestyle with ease and has been able to impress others with her ability to adjust to situations.

Meghan’s book will be a fiction

According to Fox News, the Duchess of Sussex plans to write her first book. She wants to become a published author and the subject will be a work of fiction. It will not be related to her life in the royal family. She has several options before her and she could be zeroing on a subject that is dear to her – it is her love of animals.

The book will be for children and profits, if any, will be earmarked for charities.

Incidentally, Meghan Markle’s popularity graph shows an upward trend. Fox News attributes this to her association with “Vogue” magazine and launch of a fashion line for charity. She now wants to focus on becoming a published author. An insider says that her plans are still in the initial stages and she is “very excited about the possibility and is passionate about the idea of a work of fiction for children.” Since she has a soft corner for canines, they could find a place in her book.

There is a trend in recent times for Celebrities to write books for children. That elbows out real writers. Examples of such celebrities are former US President Barack Obama and pop icon Madonna. It could now be the turn for the Duchess of Sussex to enter the list.