Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has selected a cookbook as her first solo charity project after she married Prince Harry to become a part of Britain’s Royal Family. The title of the book is ‘Together: Our Community Cookbook’ and it contains more than 50 recipes prepared by women from the Grenfell community. They came together after the fire that destroyed the Grenfell Tower and killed many people.

The Guardian UK reports that the women created the Hubb Community Kitchen to prepare fresh food for the survivors of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Meghan Markle visited them in January and was impressed by their dedication. The team of women was determined to succeed and Meghan decided to chip in with her idea of compiling the recipes into a cookbook.

Meghan seems to be passionate about cooking

The Hubb Community Kitchen did not serve food on a daily basis. It seems during a visit to the kitchen, the Duchess of Sussex wanted to know why it was not opened every day and was surprised to learn that the reason was the shortage of adequate funds.

That is how the concept of ‘Together: Our Community Cookbook’ took shape. Meghan feels that women have the power to strengthen communities and during her interaction with the women she decided to take up her cookbook as a solo project to empower women at the grassroots level.

The book features more than 50 recipes from different parts of the world.

Food transcends physical boundaries and this unique offering covers recipes from not only Europe but also the Middle East, North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean. It is published by Ebury Press and is supported by the Royal Foundation. The proceeds from its sale will go towards financing the unique kitchen. Incidentally,’hubb’ means love in Arabic.

Serena Williams, a close friend of the Duchess, has heaped praises on the project

The Duchess of Sussex identifies her charity work

According to Fox News, Meghan Markle quickly identified her first solo charity project which relates to cooking and the empowerment of women. She is a foodie and her ‘Together: Our Community Cookbook’ will be a compilation of recipes from Muslim women of the Hubb Community Kitchen in West London.

It was the fire in Grenfell Tower that first brought the women together. Their original mission was to cook food for those who suffered from the fire. Meghan had been visiting the kitchen since January, long before her marriage to Prince Harry. Right now, the available funds can finance food twice a week and at least 50,000 copies of the cookbook must be sold to ensure uninterrupted service every day.