Marijuana Pepsi trended on Twitter and in the morning, people rushed to see what it was all about. However, disappointed Twitterati reacted with memes and sadness as their hopes got dashed. Actually, it referred to a name change by a person with that name. The story is related to "a woman[of that name], who refused to change her name and earned her Ph.D. after completing a dissertation on Black names," according to Blavity News on Twitter. Nevertheless, they did congratulate her on her achievement.

The person's a legend says hometown girl

Over on Twitter, one account, @alysSAWRAH, posted, "My high school basketball coach told us he once had a student named Marijuana Pepsi Jackson who became super successful & I thought he might be lying.

Then like 10yrs later a coworker told the same story. Homegirl been an urban legend in my life for like 15 years." Well, the legend exists and people are proud of her for not changing her awesome name.

However, despite her wonderful achievement and the congrats from under-excited Twitterati, at least a lot of laughs also came out as people reacted. So many of them thought that finally, Pepsi decided to bring out a marijuana drink.

Their disappointment also brought out a lot of memes that were simply hilarious.

Twitterati express their reactions, memes and comment about Marijuana Pepsi

"@Dat_dudejw posted up the blinking-eyed meme and captioned it with, "* sees marijuana Pepsi trending * * thinks Pepsi made a new drink * Me 45 seconds later." Meanwhile, @HangMansHand posted, "Guys at Wal-Mart they have a whole a*s Godzilla movie collection boxset and I really wa--- Okay what the f*ck is [MP]?" That got a few likes.

Another person posted, "I would've sworn I thought "Marijuana Pepsi" was gonna be an advertisement gimmick."

Antonio on Twitter put up this meme about seeing what the story really was all about:

"Saw [MP] trending so I looked and found out why......," said @TONTOKAWALSKI, attaching a meme as well:

Other comments included, "disappointed to find out the real reason Marijuana Pepsi is for her though." Then there was another, "I saw Marijuana Pepsi was trending and my first thought was “PEPSI IS MAKING WEED SODA???” Mr Webbster, like others, also congratulated the Doctor, noting, "Of course my head...saw “Marijuana Pepsi” and [got] all excited cause Pepsi was gonna me a weed soda.

NOPE. Story is still just as good. It’s a name of a black woman who refused to change her name and got her doctorate. Good job Dr Marijuana Pepsi."

Name change refusal leads to confusion on twitter

The name change refusal that saw the doctor keep her name left many people confused on Thursday morning. So many memes and comments flooded in to make for an amusing morning. However, the actual person undertook a very serious mission and deserves the accolades that also went her way.

What did you think when you saw that trend on Twitter? Did you think a new drink was on its way?

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